I am a teenager and I don‘t remember the date and time of my lucid dream but it began like this. I was at a harbor in the day time and was dreaming about balls of light shooting out of my palms, like I had magic powers. The setting was a harbor and there were lots of people and I began to ask how I was doing this in my dream — then I realized that it was a dream.

Vincent – Shooting Balls of Light in Lucid DreamingShooting Balls of Light

This dream happened when I was about 13 years old and was my first remembered lucid dream. I have often told the story of this dream to friends and family but never fully realized just how meaningful it was until I started reading and learning about lucid dreaming.

Jennifer Albright – My First Lucid Dream, Meeting My Deceased Brother in Lucid DreamingMy First Lucid Dream, Meeting My Deceased Brother

In 2010 I dreamed that I was sitting at a wooden counter in some kind of a business with a glass storefront. There was a post to my left, running from the counter to the ceiling. A female and a male, unknown to me, were at the counter, talking about yoga. I looked down at the counter and saw a dollar bill there, but it had Lincoln’s face on it…an impossibility. Instantly I realized that this was a dream, and I became lucid.

Volande Vede – Lucid Dream Reflected in Waking Reality in Lucid DreamingLucid Dream Reflected in Waking Reality 

I am downtown waiting for an appointment. I have this feeling of unreality. I soon realize I am dreaming since a few minutes ago, I recall I was trying to fall asleep. I jump up and start to fly. I fly over parts of town but can only vaguely see the scenery. I turn over and float on my back for a while.

A. Dreamer –  Feb 28, 2011, Flying and Swimming in Lucid DreamingFeb 28, 2011, Flying and Swimming

This was a very weird lucid dream, I was suddenly speaking a different language, but I noticed it wasn‘t me in my body (space). I looked down the hall-way from my living room house and I saw an apparition of someone, I didn‘t pay attention, but then I told it to appear. Then I felt this presence that was taking care of me. I was not so lucid but when this person (if you can call it that) started talking to me I knew I was very lucid, my mind or my presence felt very weird – it felt expanded within the dream.

Jose – Weird Lucid Dream in Lucid DreamingWeird Lucid Dream

I awoke at 1:30am. Unable to return to sleep at about 3am, I began inducing a relaxation technique where I begin at my toes and work my way up, breathing deep, tensing and relaxing. That gave way to concentrating my inner vision on my third eye and silently chanting ‘Ohm’ while my deep breathing continued. I still felt fairly awake, thus I was surprised to all of a sudden ‘see’ a short, winged, smiling man jump from above to greet me as my eyes lit upon him.

Gina –  08/03/11 To Infinite and Beyond…or So I Hoped in Lucid Dreaming08/03/11 To Infinite and Beyond...or So I Hoped 

I wake up. I see the time projected on my ceiling. It is a little after 4:00 AM. I go to the bathroom. I have good recall of several non-lucid dreams. I decide to use the MILD technique. Lying on my back, I reflect on one of my previous non-lucid dream with the thought of returning to the dream in a lucid state. With my eyes closed I see swirls of purple. The swirling purple is like a cloud and the color is very vivid and rich. After a short time I am walking along and I realize that I am dreaming.

Mark Van Schuyver – 8/1/2011, Walking on Water in Lucid Dreaming8/1/2011, Walking on Water 

I was jogging and realized that my movements were too slow-motion like. I decided to jump up to see if I was dreaming even though it didn‘t feel like I was. I felt a bit embarrassed to do so in front of all the people around, but I did anyway and sure enough, I flew! That first moment of realizing that you are dreaming is so amazing; every single time the joy I feel is so engulfing and freeing. To be lucid once again, it‘s a gift.

Esther Manning Oct 2011 – The Pyramid and Feeling Tone in Lucid DreamingThe Pyramid and Feeling Tone

I’ve kept dream diaries on and off for various lengths of time over forty five years, and written down and analyzed unusual and notable dreams even when not actively keeping journals. My interest in the uniquely vivid and compellingly immersive type of dream now commonly referred to as ‘lucid’ goes back to early childhood when I was subject to a particularly intense and memorable sequence of what I would call ‘dual consciousness dreams’ – characterized by a sensation of floating above my infant body, but with a sense of alternating modes of ‘mature’ and ‘childlike’ consciousness.

Dr. Arnold Kalnitsky –  Lucid Dreams and Subconscious Memories in Lucid DreamingLucid Dreams and Subconscious Memories in Lucid

This was my first time I tried the experiment of ―asking the dream to show me something‖. I became lucid in a long, populated hallway of an airport/shopping mall type of building. I don’t know what sparked lucidity.

Seth Houdeshell 10/30/2011 – “The Tunnel to Future Problems” in Lucid Dreaming"The Tunnel to Future Problems"

After morning meditation (So Hum mantra and Tibetan bon tradition 3 pills) I had a vivid dream. I was in a shabby office working with a group of men who were all in investments and very rich. One of them showed me a picture of a row of run down shops that he had just bought for the rental income. I suddenly needed to find a toilet and went all over the office building looking for one, then out onto the street where two of the men were dancing together.

Helen Symmons – The Girl with a Turquoise Nose Ring Becomes a Crow in Lucid DreamingThe Girl with a Turquoise Nose Ring Becomes a Crow

In my dream, I was traveling with my boyfriend Anthony. At a rest stop, we went into a section of the rest stop that sold a lot of produce. I joined Anthony at the checkout counter, where the clerk was telling him that corn was ‘…’ (some word I’ve never heard) and would therefore cost more. My boyfriend began to berate me for telling him the wrong price, which I denied. I realized his anger was strange, and this was a dream.

Virginia S. – Castle in the Lake  in Lucid DreamingCastle in the Lake