OMG I just had the most amazing lucid dream! I realized very quickly that I was dreaming when I found myself inside of a craft that was flying very low to the ground and in fact after a while it seemed to be flying inside of a huge resort of some kind.

Judith Marcus – Lucid Explorations in Lucid DreamLucid Explorations

I am myself, but part of a row of men playing a game that involves turning down wooden handle/ slots, one at a time, in the process of discovering the winning number, which is apparently supposed to be ‘9’. The final lever is pushed down, and the winning number is not ‘9’. One man says that whoever said it would be ‘9’ will be replaced because his success rate is down to 80-90.

Maria Pita – Brothers in Lucid DreamingBrothers

I take the last sip of my drink (very alcoholic!) and get up and join my ‘troupe family’, all smiling and chatting with various groups of people. Eventually, the crowds thin out, and we go back to our home in the woods, to relax and share in our good fortune. Already, the actors are talking about their next play, planning and plotting, while the crew just laughs and shakes heads, longing only for a solid night‘s sleep.

Lidia Tremblay – Adventures Backstage in Lucid DreamingAdventures Backstage

In this dream I was only lucid for a small portion, the whole dream being very large and involved. Someone has upset me at work and I return to my office to tell my wife [who does actually work with me in reality] that I‘m leaving. At this point I become lucid, and ask her if she knows that this is a dream. She says she does, so thinking this may actually be a shared dream, I suggest we think of a word and let‘s see if we can remember it when we wake.

Shaun St. Clair – Office Blues in Lucid DreamingOffice Blues

Not sure if this qualifies as a lucid dream or an OBE. I was lying on my side and my body was buzzing. I rolled over and sat up in the bed. At that time, the buzzing stopped. I stood up to leave the room and noticed that the bedroom door was shut. This was strange because I always leave it open unless I’ve got company staying over.

Darold TumlinsonOpen and Shut

I find myself on a road in a snowy Alpine landscape. My wife is next to me and we are surrounded by small furry and very cute animals…. cats, rabbits, ferrets, mink etc., and a very notable white snow goose. They are all talking to us and giving advice concerning what we should do next in life. Next, we are both standing on a snowy hillside and seem to be equipped with ski boots and poles but no skis.

Norman ClarkWake Up!  Wake up Gabrielle... No. 1

Pokey was in the living room rubbing up against the couch playing hard to get and saying with her soul … “Awesome, you can finally see me.”


I pounded lightly on the floor so she could feel the vibration (she had been going deaf in her old age) and thought to myself, “Oh that’s weird, when she was alive she used to feel the vibe of me hitting the floor and would look up and come over.”

Lourdes PitaVisit From My Dead Cat

I am exploring around a huge tree, possibly a Baobab. I climb onto the trunk and look up, suddenly realizing that it stretches up into the sky when I realise that I am dreaming! (The tree symbolises the World Tree in shamanic circles of which I have studied).

Rich BobrukMany Faces

I was in the garage of my parents‘ house where I grew up when I noticed a man walking up the street towards me, and I felt compelled to approach him. When the sunlight hit me as I walked down the driveway, I became more lucid than I ever have before.

Nicky AliceVeda

I first read a copy of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self in December 2015. The book is worth its weight in gold (or platinum, take your pick). In January I decided to try out a precognitive experiment, to see if I could predict the winning combination (this consists of the first 5 winners out of around 20 race horses) for the daily sports lottery.

IvalaHow I Almost Won The Daily Sports Lottery

I was looking for my toddler. I found her playing in a room. There was a baby in the same room; he looked like a cartoon. I started playing with him; that triggered the lucidity. I put him on the bed and I turned around wondering what to do, so I thought about looking for a friend who is practicing lucid dreaming.

SunshineFirst Time Flying

I am walking down the street of what looks like a calm suburban neighborhood when I realize I am dreaming. I think to myself in a calm lucid state, rather than do something entertaining or adventurous, or fulfill any desires. I  let my subconscious lead the way.

Nicky AliceAchieving the Blue Stone