I dreamt that I became aware that I was watching my step-daughter swimming. I joined her in the swimming pool and gave her a warm hug. I plunged under the water and pushed my way up to the surface and remember telling myself that I could use the bubble of air to float up out of the water and drift up into the air and fly about.

Yvonne Weldon – Flying Above the Pool in Lucid DreamingFlying Above the Pool

I am on the phone with I___. She tells me she wants to go to Canada to study “dietary medicine”, but hadn’t told anyone yet. Recall her saying, “This is between me, you and the lamp post…I don’t know if I should tell your mom or not”. She was getting my opinion on school, asking about usernames and passwords, and where she could get boxes for moving. I said, “I__ you can call Office Depot early in the morning…that’s what G___ did when he was moving”.

Maria Carla C. – October 21, 2011 Sent Grandpa to the Light & Reiki Healing on Mom in Lucid DreamingOctober 21, 2011 Sent Grandpa to the Light & Reiki Healing on Mom

I experience myself as having entered someone else’s home, at a specific address, whom I don’t know. I fall asleep from sheer exhaustion on the bed. I am aware this happened more than having a detailed dream experience of it. I wake up, in the dream, and at that point am aware I am awake in a dream.

Lisa S – 11/25/11 Goldilocks in Lucid Dreaming11/25/11 Goldilocks

I become lucid so at least for a little while I know I am dreaming, but I don’t control anything. I find myself in a pretty scary-looking place. It seems to be a long underground garage. The floor is smoothed out concrete, and on either side of me are individual cages with chain link like fences for gates. Inside each cage is either a car or some other large mechanical thing.

Tosh – April 13, 2008 The Deconstruction of Cars in Lucid DreamingApril 13, 2008 The Deconstruction of Cars

Just woke up from a nice long nap after eating lunch. I was lucid in this dream. I am in bed sleeping, and aware of something else in the room. No problem, not scared, because I felt like if it got scary I could wake myself up, but I was very curious. I felt as if my left leg was moving involuntarily.

Tosh – May 5th, 2007 Mysterious Shaved Man in Lucid DreamingMay 5th, 2007 Mysterious Shaved Man

I’ve had many lucid dreams before… my first one probably being when I was 7 or 8. I remember walking around and telling people in my dream that I was dreaming. Now I’m 27 and try to remember to ask more probing questions in dreams. I never seem to find logical or clear answers though.

GS – Talking to Grandma in Lucid DreamingTalking to Grandma

I wake up and then go back into a dream. I quickly become lucid. I leave the room I am in but have to unpeel one of my fingers from the doorknob after I get out. I do it carefully so I won‘t wake up. Then I decide to fly. I want to soar but don‘t get all that high. I fly feet first, while floating on my back. Then I turn around and go head first for a while. I pass some trees and see the branches and leaves, some trees with and some without leaves. Sometimes I hear music when I fly. Eventually I spin circles in the air, lying on my back and think how I haven‘t ever exactly done that in a dream before.

A. Dreamer – July 9, 2011, Flying and Seeking in Lucid DreamingJuly 9, 2011, Flying and Seeking

I am seated in an auditorium style college setting surrounded on three sides by a bustling shopping mall with the blackboard and professor at the back wall. Class hasn’t started and there are students and shoppers milling about when I notice my mother is seated up and to my left. I turn to remark on the strangeness of her presence when I realize she couldn’t possibly be here as she is currently in Minnesota and I am asleep in my bed in Olympia.

Hunter Gsoell – March 13th, 2011 “Ecstatic Alignment with The Source and Past-Life Recollections” in Lucid DreamingMarch 13th, 2011 "Ecstatic Alignment with The Source and Past-Life Recollections"

I dreamed I was in my friend Michael’s home. There was flooding and water was starting to warp the wood of his floor. I woke up here and then followed the sound current back into dreaming.

John Galleher – 7/29/2011 Lucid Message in Lucid Dreaming7/29/2011 Lucid Message

I find myself inside and outside at once—a building with glass walls and ceilings, or something like that which makes it feel open even though it’s enclosed—which leads out onto the broad walkways of a lovely city with low ‘clean’ modern buildings stretching on either side for as far as I can see.

Maria Isabel Pita – April 17, 2011, The Other Side (Full Moon, Palm Sunday) in Lucid DreamingApril 17, 2011, The Other Side (Full Moon, Palm Sunday)

I have a lot of lucid dreams. Last night however was somewhat different. In the past I have had flying dreams…trying to use my body like an earth worm to achieve flight. Last night I knew I was dreaming as soon as the flight part started….this time my worm type movements were replaced by watching my feet….which were hooves running…pounding very fast. I could hear the running of four feet not the usual two.

Ally – Flying with Hooves like Pegasus in Lucid DreamingFlying with Hooves like Pegasus

I was being pulled down to the ocean by this ugly looking body minutes had passed by and I felt I was not drowning.. Suddenly I realized I was not trying to breath, underwater. Then when realizing this, I took a deep breath, realizing I was dreaming. This is when I became Lucid. All my fears of dying disappeared. I started swimming, what I did next was that I grabbed the body and squeezed it into a small pile and threw it away.

Jose Sanchez – Flying to Another Dimension in Lucid DreamingFlying to Another Dimension?