I dreamed that I was living on another planet. I was being driven around in a crowded limousine and I was being treated better than a rock star. It is at this point that I became aware that I was dreaming because of the obvious…I’m not famous.

Robert – Gods And Ghosts September 3 2004Gods And Ghosts September 3 2004

I had a dream last night, and it was very strange. I was in a parked car with my mom and she was in the driver’s seat lecturing me about something. I was looking off at this city that was vacated, listening.

J. Ahring – September 8 2004 September 8 2004

At that point I wake up. I’m thirsty and go for a bottle of Coke. The coke tastes okay, but not quite right. The experience is a bit muted. I can taste it, but only just. It feels like liquid, but only just.

Steve – Lucid DreamingLucid Dreaming

I was in the kitchen standing by the stove, facing my father who was sitting at the table. He was wearing his favourite old and faded jeans and a sweatshirt. I could only see a bit of his face since his chair was at an angle to me.

Margaret –  Three Lucid Dreams Dream 1 – December 2003Three Lucid Dreams Dream 1 - December 2003

I had a/two brief simultaneous dream/s recently, but was also lucid for a short while. I was only lucid for what felt like a few seconds but it was long enough to become fully aware of how completely natural and effortless the experience felt. Being lucid however, I was aware that this wasn‘t how I ‗normally‘ experienced things and I did question myself as to how I could be having two dreams at once. I didn‘t receive a verbal answer to this question but a feeling of ‗why are you even asking it in the first place, this is normal/easy.‘

Shaun St. Clair – Simultaneous DreamsSimultaneous Dreams

In my dream I know that I am dreaming. I turn to my left and see a beautiful woman’s face. Her face is an emerald green colour and she has a long thin feather pierced through her nose in the style of New Guinea headhunters. Her features are more Anglo-Saxon than native New Guinean though. A good vibrational feeling emanates from her. I feel myself begin to awaken.

Steve Racicot – Wild Green Spirit Woman in Lucid DreamingWild Green Spirit Woman

I was lying back on the couch in the living room naked but for underwear. My mother and her boyfriend where there too. I had all my limbs twisted up like a little kid or baby might do, and felt like I was a small child. I was thinking that this scene had the quality of intense long-term Memories; that I would probably remember this moment for a very long Time.

Anonymous – June 2001 Serpent’s Kiss in Lucid DreamingJune 2001 Serpent's Kiss

I’m lying in bed trying to initiate a WILD from the scene of a department store I see in my mind. All of a sudden, a completely different scene comes into my mind. I am running around playfully on the beach with the actress Rachel Bilson. Where this came from I have no idea, but I concentrate very hard on trying to “fall into” the scene. A kind of ‘wave’ rushes over me and I manage to do it, but it starts out weird.

Sam – OBE within a Lucid DreamOBE within a Lucid Dream

I was in a town on the south west coast of England, where we go for our family holidays most years. The town was different though; it was in the future at some point and was larger, tropical, more luxurious and had roller-coasters everywhere! This was quite a long dream, with much of it non-lucid. The lucid part of the dream was triggered by walking through a shop front-door and out through the back door, which earlier in the dream had acted as a time portal to take me back in to the town of the present. I exited the shop straight out on to a beach in the future town and immediately knew I was in a dream.

Shaun St. Clair – Time Shop in Lucid DreamingTime Shop

10/7/2014 (pre-lucid to lucid) ―Inside my home (a dark wood, one story house with a metal roof, situated on top of heavily forested hill), with my brother Scott. I go outside to my driveway, but before I‘ve taken more than a few steps, I hear a ROAR to my left and see a large brilliantly white jet, with triangular wings like a Concorde or Space Shuttle, making a very steep ascent at almost 90‘ – right next to my house and so close to me I could have hit it with a stone. I can‘t believe it as it roars by, ascending almost straight up into the intensely deep blue, almost purple sky. I notice that everything looks amazingly clear and preternaturally vivid, the trees with their golden fall colors, the jet, even my house. I shout to my brother to come outside and see this, yelling, ―You won‘t believe this – a jet came so close to me I could have hit it with a stone!‖ But I hear only an unintelligible answer, and no one comes out.

Ed Kellogg – A Hyper-Real Animistic Lucid Dream ©2014A Hyper-Real Animistic Lucid Dream ©2014

Before going to bed, I set the alarm for 5:20 AM to practice “Wake Back to Bed” and set the intention for lucid dreaming and healing. I woke up at 4:17 AM having just had a healing lucid dream:

Lily Nagy – Self-Healing in a Lucid DreamSelf-Healing in a Lucid Dream

On March 27th, 2014, I was reading all about healing through lucid dreaming in Robert Waggoner‘s excellent book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. It was perfect timing and a bit coincidental because I had a severely swollen jaw and rear gums on the right side of my mouth.

Rey Brannen – Healing My Jaw In A Lucid DreamHealing My Jaw In A Lucid Dream