I had several lucid or flying dreams where my lucidity or my capability of flying was not understood or accepted by the other dream characters. Here are two examples:

Christoph Gassmann in Lucid DreamingChristoph Gassmann

My body was asleep in a private room in a yoga ashram somewhere in Europe. I was lucid but unconcerned with everyday matters, dreaming within the confines of my body in a very calm state of mind – or deep trance. I was trying to heal a small but distracting defect I had noticed in one side of my head.

Albert Lauer – Energy Spa in the MountainsEnergy Spa in the Mountains

I awoke from a dream and was able to settle into sleep again. I slipped lucidly into the imagery of an urbanscape. Remembering Tholey’s study of the consciousness of dream characters, I decided to ask some dream characters a few simple math questions.

Matthew Ivan Bennett – Lucid Mathematics in Lucid DreamingLucid Mathematics

I just recently got into lucid dreaming and I’ve had roughly about 4 in the past 2 weeks. But one of my lucid dreams stood out in terms of beautiful scenery. I remember seeing a beach in the distance and I was in some sort of Aztec place. I remember I had to go down a set of stairs, walk a few meters, say 25m, and climb up another to get to the beach but as I was walking to the second set of stairs they increasingly became steeper and steeper such that I could no longer climb by walking.

Babajide – Beach Surprise in Lucid DreamingBeach Surprise

My lucid dreams always start differently. They begin as a usual dream in which I’m doing a regular daily activity. Something out of place happens and I realize I’m dreaming. This is generally triggered by the laws of physics not working quite the same; an object falls too slow, or I’m doing things I ordinarily could not do (strength, speed, telekinesis, etc.).

Ben Holt –  Lucid Dreams in Lucid DreamingLucid Dreams

I am standing with 5 or 6 people. We are dressed in dark, loose-fitting clothes, hiking boots, and wear some sort of backpack on our backs. Some of us have other gear (unsure what kind, electronic equipment?) as well. We are about to go on a ‘mission,‘ an exploratory expedition.

Lucy Gillis – The Manubric Manoeuvre in Lucid DreamingThe Manubric Manoeuvre

Quite a few years ago, after I began studying lucid dreaming techniques, I had a dream which illustrated to me the difficulty of this pursuit: As I begin the dream, I am in my old neighborhood, where some sort of monster is chasing people. Although I don’t quite see him, I am running away. As I am running, I see a man further ahead of me who is also running away. I am trying to catch up to him to find out more, saying “Wait, let me talk to you,” to him, but he keeps running and I can’t catch up to him.

Jeff Teachworth – Difficulty of Learning to Lucid DreamingDifficulty of Learning to Lucid Dreaming

I have had lucid dreams periodically for many years but didn’t know that not everyone has them until I told some of them to friends. I just finished Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming book and was very interested in some of the experiments that he discusses. And yes, many of the problems concerning becoming lucid outlined in his book, I have experienced.

Leone Brown – Lucid Dreaming ExperimentsLucid Dreaming Experiments

I began to fall asleep in a van returning from New York. I lay between two people and start to fall asleep. I don‘t remember the transition (sometimes I do, I love the humming pressure on my head while having a WILD). Suddenly, I am in space. I question my existence and achieve lucidity.

I will I Am Caleb Shafer  – The Golden Ship in Lucid DreamingThe Golden Ship in Lucid Dreaming

I woke up into the dream that became lucid from another dream I was trying to get out of. In the dream, I woke up in the house where I babysit and the mom of the baby brought me some clothes to change into because I was half dressed. I was so tired in the dream that I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than a few seconds at a time and when I got up to go to the bathroom and change I kept stumbling. When I finally got to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and my face was covered in blood. I was bleeding from my eyes, nose and mouth. My forehead was caked in blood. I wasn’t scared though.

Kristie Jolly – Mirror Trigger in Lucid DreamingMirror Trigger in Lucid Dreaming

In a normal dream, I’m standing outside at night, and I think there’s snow on the ground. To my left is a three-story apartment building. Some people are on the porch, walking up the steps to go inside, when in the northeastern sky I clearly see a large shooting star—a comet shimmering with orange-gold lights falling toward earth at a pace that enables me to get a good long appreciative look at it.

Maria Isabel Pita ― “Heavenly” Music in Lucid Dreaming“Heavenly” Music in Lucid Dreaming

I hit the sack at 1.30am and didn‟t take long to fall asleep. I wasn‟t even planning to have a lucid dream. I dreamt that I was a time-traveller inhabiting the body of a stranger – like the fictitious Sam Beckett in the science fiction series, “Quantum Leap”.

Arlindo Batista – “The Vain Lady, Family Fun and the Elves” in  Lucid Dreaming"The Vain Lady, Family Fun and the Elves" in  Lucid Dreaming