It’s the end of a workday and I’m saying goodbye to co-workers. As I walk out the door, I immediately realize I’m dreaming. I take a moment to consider my surroundings; it’s dark and there’s a forest of trees ahead. I twirl around to avoid waking, then float upward and begin to fly over the trees.

Leah Bolen – The Thrill of the Chase in Lucid DreamingThe Thrill of the Chase in Lucid Dreaming

The dream begins and the first thing I am aware of is sitting in a chair as someone puts a towel on my head. I look around and see a group of people all looking at me expectantly, half smiling, and I somehow know instantly that I am dreaming.

Starwalker Reed – A Special Club of Lucid DreamersA Special Club of Lucid Dreamers

This dream occurred during a time period where I felt a lot of fear and anxiety and I had a lot of difficulty letting go of control in waking life. I was walking through a barren landscape with some run down, deserted buildings.

Stephanie Stuff – Trust in Lucid DreamingTrust

I was floating down from the sky to a beach, holding a beige piece of fabric as a parachute. Below me were huge reddish rocks covered in moss and barnacles. I was coming close to a very tall rock with a rounded top. As I stuck my bare foot out to land, there was a certain unusual quality to the world; it was almost too vivid, and the angle was a little warped. I realized I was dreaming.

N. Rae – Show Me Something Amazing in Lucid DreamingShow Me Something Amazing

I was in a school I knew but didn’t go to. As the class was about to start, I clocked it could not be right and looked at my hands, only to find out I had lots of extra fingers. The moment of realization was magical, so I went out to the street to try and fly—but it’s quite hard when you’ve never done it.

Bruno Dos Santos – First Flight Achieved in Lucid DreamingFirst Flight Achieved

I knew almost right away that it was a dream, without even asking. But getting excited, I asked anyway, and pushed my fist into a wall like I do when I’m awake and asking. It was like pushing on hard sugar icing, and I made a crackled, rounded indentation.

Betsy Budney – ‘Where’s My Husband’ in Lucid DreamingWhere’s My Husband

I was in my classroom at school when I suddenly did a reality check and became lucid. I looked around the room and noticed a pile of bread on the teacher’s desk. I walked out of the classroom and saw stairs that spiraled down about 100 feet. I decided to float down instead of walking down the stairs.

Matt Justice – The Prodigy in Action in Lucid DreamingThe Prodigy in Action

I find myself flying and lucid, outside in my own neighborhood, so I fly toward home and say (to the Greater Awareness behind the dream), “Show me what will be happening at my house three years from now.”

Janet Mast – Lucidly Viewing My House Three Years in the Future in Lucid DreamingLucidly Viewing My House Three Years in the Future

I’m walking along a very wide hallway or tunnel; the floor, walls, ceiling all the same beige or light tan colour. The ceiling is slightly curved. A woman walks quickly ahead of me. I can tell that she is nervous and is trying to get away from someone who is ‘back there’ in the building or complex at the back end of the corridor/tunnel.

Lucy Gillis – Time-Slip at the Bosnian Pyramids in Lucid DreamingTime-Slip at the Bosnian Pyramids

It’s a summer day. I sit in a class room with the old elementary school style desk, I seem to be in elementary or middle school, I would guess maybe 6th grade. I sit next to a friend looking at a tablet device, which we never had access to back when I was in school.

Dominic Oliver – Time Travel in Lucid DreamingTime Travel

I’m exiting my body and after spinning clockwise, sun-wise, for awhile I enter a dark numinous etheric space. I’m travelling with an intent that I have expressed mentally: “Please take me back to Drombeg during my life connected to that site in the 14th century.”

Tom Llewellyn – Travelling to Drombeg Stone Circle in Lucid DreamingTravelling to Drombeg Stone Circle

[I believe that at times I must have been having two or more simultaneous dreams, as the order of events, and the events themselves, feel like a mash-up of several dreams. It is hard to put together. . .. ]

Lucy Gillis – 45 Years Gone in Lucid Dreaming45 Years Gone