I also had the opportunity to transfer my awareness into a rock. It was very funny. I was there in stillness mode (lol!). Then I realized that the rock I was in was alive and I could feel the energy and particles of the rock.

Jaime Lundquist-Munoz – A Rock and Red Dragon in Lucid DreamingA Rock and Red Dragon

Deep in a lucid dream… I sit my husband down on the grass and, squatting in front of him, once more attempt to ‘wake’ him up to the dream in which I wish to heal him. But I suspect I should have found a more private location as people begin pouring out of the building we just emerged from ourselves. I ignored them at first, but then some of them begin taking an interest in us, which I don’t sense is positive.

Maria Isabel Pita – Becoming a Hawk in Lucid DreamingBecoming a Hawk

Generally, my lucid dream experiences start to occur in the very early morning. I would have already woken up a few times just before day break and something out of the ordinary in a dream would invite me to become aware of the dream space. In this particular instance it truly felt like I had just gone to bed. There was no particular precursor for becoming lucid. I went to sleep and next thing I know I am standing in the bathroom directly connected to my bedroom in my, then, Texas home. It is pitch black and I am fully aware, more aware than I usually become in a lucid state.

 Gerard Nijhuis – Lucidity Got My Goat in Lucid DreamingLucidity Got My Goat

Before this dream, I hadn’t had a lucid dream in a while and my recall had not been very good lately. I hadn‘t remembered a single lengthy or detailed dream in weeks due to a lack of effort and other things, but last night I put some real intent in my mind as I was going to bed. Before falling asleep, I repeated a mantra from Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple: ‘Tonight while I am sleeping, my body will be restored to its natural health and vibrant condition, and I will awake feeling refreshed and energized.’ I estimate I was able to repeat this about 20 times before dozing off.

Troy – Lucid Healing in Lucid DreamingLucid Healing 

My dream night started off pleasantly enough (but without memorable detail) then I began dreaming of animals in the process of shape shifting. First there was an overly huge grizzly bear that seemed to be charging toward me while it morphed into what looked like some type of leopard / perhaps a lynx (definitely in the large cat family).

Laura A. Morphing – Animal Dream (Semi-Lucid) in Lucid DreamingAnimal Dream (Semi-Lucid)

I am a very novice lucid dreamer. But one of my experiences is a unique example of shape-shifting/ morphing. And the second dream might encourage others to try the Castaneda technique to find one‘s hands in order to wake up in a dream. As background, I have been working on intentionally becoming lucid in dreams recently. I have been particularly inspired by Robert Waggoner‘s book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.

Britton Theurer – Two Lucid Dreams in Lucid DreamingTwo Lucid Dreams

I had actively been disengaging my inner dialogue for several days, remembering how I started that practice twenty-five years ago. With my physical body in almost optimal condition, I sensed that I could easily drop the borders of the intent that held my attention in place and allow a more open, softer and dreamlike constellation. From deep inner stillness this does not lead to dissociation, but there is a good reason that we are not usually open in such a way.

Albert Lauer – Shamanistic Transformation into a Buzzard in Lucid DreamingShamanistic Transformation into a Buzzard

Once it was my goal to transform into an animal in one of my lucid dreams: One day I was in front of my home and performed a reality check out of the blue. I went lucid immediately! Great, this is my chance to become a lion!

 Simon Rausch – Transforming into a Lion in Lucid DreamingTransforming into a Lion 

I was outdoors in an abstract area, faced with a man who was physically threatening. I decided to wake up, at which point I had practically told myself that I was dreaming … Although I was lucid now, I was surprised to find that the atmosphere was still threatening and so I considered that I needed to make myself less physically vulnerable.

Dean Clayton Edwards – Becoming a Werewolf in Lucid DreamingBecoming a Werewolf

My first ever lucid dream was when I was three years old (I’m not kidding!). I had been having the same dream over again, where I was in the bathroom leaning against a wall, as my mother stood at the mirror in front of me. After a few minutes, she left, and I followed her out, but just as I began to walk around the corner I fell into endless darkness.

Autum Worcester in Lucid DreamingFirst Lucid Dream

I was with about four other friends at our local McDonalds in my small hometown. For whatever reason we were all running around the McDonalds building over and over, I can‘t exactly say what triggered my lucidity… all I know is for whatever reason I became lucid. [Once lucid,] I stopped and held my hands out in front of my face out of pure awe. My friends were no longer with me.

David Saya –  10/11/08 “First Time” in Lucid Dreaming10/11/08 "First Time"

I’m walking through a hallway. I can see the yellowish walls and the fine light blue trim lining the hall. However the hallway only exists roughly 20 yards in front and behind me. I’m walking with an unknown man who I feel like I’ve known for years and trust completely. Further down the hallway, I notice a small door in the wall. The man and I bend down and I open the door. There is a wooden box the size of a shoe box sitting inside, and I can see a small handle near the bottom of the box.

Spencer – Protect the Yellow Snake in Lucid DreamingProtect the Yellow Snake