My friend Viktoria and I, over a period of several weeks, attempted to meet in a lucid dream to try and replicate Oliver Fox’s dream meeting, where he met his friends on Southampton Common. My lucid dream described below is the closest we came to achieving a conscious rendezvous within a dream.

Leigh Hammond – Unsuccessful Rendezvous in Lucid DreamingUnsuccessful Rendezvous (April 2015)

Sometimes in my dreams, when I’m lucid, I’m not myself. I’m watching myself walk and talk, and do all the things I should be controlling myself to do. I’m Nobody.

Lillia Hammond – Nobody in Lucid DreamingNobody

While my 9-year-old daughter has been growing up, we have fun discussing dreams in the morning at breakfast. However, I have never mentioned the ability to lucid dream to her, until she surprised me one morning earlier this year.

Leigh and Lillia Hammond – Nobody and Unsuccessful Rendezvous in Lucid DreamingNobody and Unsuccessful Rendezvous

I have been Lucid Dreaming on and off for about seven years now. At 62 years, I find the phenomenon, along with out of body experiences (OBEs), to be the most fascinating discovery of my life, second only to becoming a parent.

Boo Radley – Meeting in Lucid DreamingMeeting

I am present in two adjoining rooms simultaneously — two separate instances of me, each experiencing an independent dream scene within each one of the two adjoining rooms but with an overarching awareness of both dreams/scenes/ rooms that is also me.

Shaun St. Clair – Transforming in Lucid DreamingTransforming

My first memory of this dream is a lucid one, as I am flying in a grocery store. At this point in time my consciousness splits in two. The flying version of myself is now a carton of eggs, while the human version is walking to keep up with the eggs.

James Sims – The Mysterious Woman with Furniture Disease in Lucid DreamingThe Mysterious Woman with Furniture Disease

I wanted to provide my fellow dreamers with a sample of one of my preparations for lucid dreaming. This one was back in June 10, 2018. It demonstrates how our abilities evolve over time. I go to sleep at 1:00am and get up around 1:40am.

Daryl3d – Adventure into Infinity in Lucid DreamingAdventure into Infinity

I have flown hundreds of times in lucid dreams. I’ve flown many different ways and it is usually pretty easy. I have even made cars and boats that I’m in fly. It never gets old, and I feel extremely lucky that dream flying has come so naturally for me.

Shawn Selders – Walking On A Lake in Lucid DreamingWalking On A Lake

In a long dream I’m at my father’s house with my husband, Steve, and several people, only it’s larger and more rambling than it really is. … Then that place changes and the area in front of the old fireplace becomes a little library nook.

Anna Racicot – Looking For My Mother in Lucid DreamingLooking For My Mother

I’ve written about my lucid dreams in the past here at LDE. They normally followed a predictable pattern where I’ll have a series of 4-5 lucid dreams in a row in which I’ll physically awaken in-between the dreams before re-entering the dream . . .

Daryl3d – The 5-Way Thread in Lucid DreamingThe 5-Way Thread

Maria Isabel Pita – An Excerpt from a Story of Lucid Dreaming

I find myself outside at night in a stark black-and-white city, in a warehouse-like district, where the buildings appear constructed of porous old concrete. There are no street lights, and no people; the city looks completely deserted.

Walking down a sidewalk even though there aren’t any cars, I cry out to my Guardian Lord, “I love you! I love you! And one night, I hope to see you and to talk to you again in a dream!”

I sink to my knees and clasp my hands before me, showing him how much I respect Him, and how thankful I am for His presence in my dreams as I repeat, “I love you!”

Suddenly, streaming across the black sky, I perceive a series of banner-like rectangles, each one framing glimmering, silver-white words written in a clean print font, as though typed in starlight. The banners are not attached to any kind of plane as they fly swiftly over me, and I can just barely read the three words they contain: I AM HERE.

As I continue looking up at the banners soaring by overhead, I’m almost positive that’s what they say, but I can’t be absolutely sure, and the more of an effort I make to read them, the less I am able to do so.

Belatedly, I fly onto a rooftop to get a closer look, at which point two or three of the banners fly back toward me. I’m able to grab hold of one and, as I do so, it transforms into a clear shining pouch containing lovely white lingerie, delicate bras and panties made of a pure, glittering, luminous material. I’m so surprised, so in awe of and thankful for this mysteriously promising gift, I can’t quite make sense of it. It almost seems like my Guardian Lord is teasing me? I phase out of the dream.

The end of this incredible dream caused me such a sweet pain! On the one hand, the starry lingerie seemed an obvious promise from my Guardian Lord of greater intimacy to come, yet a part of me worried it might also be a warning that there would always be an invisible barrier between us for as long as I felt attracted to him the way a woman is to a man. But that didn’t really make sense because the beautiful lingerie, shimmering as if stitched with starlight, had felt like a gift, not a threat, like a promise, not a reprimand. Frustration and confusion mixed with awe and hope only served to stoke and intensify my longing for Him.

Then Jesus told her, “The I AM is here.” John 4:26

Maria Isabel Pita – An Excerpt from a Story of Lucid DreamingExcerpt from My Lucid Dream of May 12, 2012

I have entered a lucid dream just after a regular dream in which I was running in slow motion and suddenly I decided — but not consciously — to take off. After that I felt a sudden jolt of energy and then I was lucid dreaming. I remembered to rub my hands and the lucid dream endured for a couple of minutes.

Gustavo Adolfo del Valle – Lucidity by Running in Slow Motion in Lucid DreamingLucidity by Running in Slow Motion