It’s always an amazing experience to shift into another skin, like turning into an animal: panther, snake, eagle or an insect: a spider for example.

Mabon – About Moving in Another Form in Dreaming inAbout Moving in Another Form in Dreaming

Just home from a 1000k drive to take my kids back and had about 5 strong cups of coffee during the 12 hour round trip so it‘s now 00:30 and I decide to take 8mg of Galantamine and go for broke.

Peter Maich – Mini Death to Experience the Field in Lucid DreamingMini Death to Experience the Field

iding hypnagogic imagery, I slip into a visual I can’t remember now but which I know relates to my Lord, and I am fully aware as I suddenly seem to be pulled at high speed into another scene. My disembodied consciousness like a ship floating on the ocean at night, I have eyes only for the young and slender female being floating above the black water a few yards away. She is in profile to me, and her short hair is white as the moon. Her elegant figure is clad in the ‘fabric’ of the sky – a darkness softly glimmering as though with the light of distant stars, further obscured by clouds and the atmosphere of the dream night.

Maria Isabel Pita – Star of the Sea in Lucid DreamingStar of the Sea

It is getting close to dusk. I am trying to find my friends among a crowd, and am having no success, but it isn‘t so bad yet. I was in a familiar place, and was sure I would catch up with them shortly.

 Otters – Otter Passenger and the Terrible Pennywise  in Lucid DreamingOtter Passenger and the Terrible Pennywise

A strange dream. I am on a cruise ship of some sort, and there is a large family pool on the first floor, but then you can walk upstairs to a second pool that is a clothing option / adults only area. I‘m handed a bright purple wrist bracelet to indicate what entertainment level I‘d like. I walk around the pool area and see couples in various states of quiet intimacy.

Laura A. – The Body Morph in Lucid Dreaming The Body Morph

I was followed by some strangers who wanted to insult me or do something bad to me. In the dream I didn’t know what they wanted, only that I should run, because they were bad. So I entered a room with glass walls. It looked like a bar. This was the point I recognized that I was dreaming.

Christin Michel – Guinea Pig in Lucid DreamingGuinea Pig

I was registered on a website for healing where normally names are written on a list and a prayer group prays for those on the list every Sunday.

Bahram – My Other Me in Lucid DreamingMy Other Me

I slipped straight into a dream from the hypnagogic state. I remember being in my grandmother‘s back garden. There was no specific trigger, I just knew it was a dream as I had been awake only minutes before. I became lucid.

 Scott – My Guardian Encounter in Lucid DreamingMy Guardian Encounter

I had intended to run an experiment to see if I could go lucid and still acknowledge my sleeping self at the same time. After went back to bed after being up for about 15 minutes, I incubated a lucid dream with the intention to see if I could be aware that I‘m in bed asleep as well as lucid dreaming.

 Josh Langley – Trying to Experience Dual Consciousness in Lucid DreamingTrying to Experience Dual Consciousness

I am wandering through a house full of long, dark, winding hallways, and blocked exits. Perplexed, I end up in the far back of the house in a dimly lit carpeted doctor’s office with dated fake wood paneling and 70’s decor. I am surprised because it’s such a weird place to have a doctor’s office. A nurse takes control of me, telling me to hop up on the counter, which I do.

Mary Nason – Lucid Spinning – Feline Me in Lucid DreamingLucid Spinning - Feline Me

There‘s a bit of magic happening in this dream. For unknown reasons, I can see a herd of zebra in the distance. There‘s strange movement, one zebra that is away from the herd. It catches my eye that I can become aware that I am dreaming, and can now witness a man who is shape-shifting from a human to an animal.

Laura A. – Animus Morphus in Lucid DreamingAnimus Morphus

I wake up in bed and go to take a galantamine pill. I fumble around with it and drop it on the duvet cover. I go to pick it up and realise that the pill had split and that white powder was starting to come out of it. Scooping up the white powder, I put it in my mouth expecting a bad taste, only to find that there was no bad taste at all. My awareness sharply rises and I smiled as I realised I was dreaming without even needing to perform any reality checks.

James – Transforming in Lucid DreamingTransforming