In the initially sub-lucid dream, I see a stone gate to my right with the heading comprised of two words in English. I can’t recall the first but the second word was “mine.” It is a sort of tourist attraction and I entered for visiting. At the door one had to take off one’s shoes.

Ave – Getting The Dream Shoes Back at the Time Arena in Lucid DreamingGetting The Dream Shoes Back at the Time Arena

I am in a room, like a den, with M and possibly H. A man has kidnapped us, and I decide I am not going to take this anymore. I pick up what looks like the horn of some animal and start smashing it against the man. I then feel this whole thing is senseless.

Lucy Gillis – Past and Future Selves in Lucid DreamingPast and Future Selves

I’m at a semi-formal banquet party with most of my friends and some acquaintances. Sitting across from me at a long table is my good friend, Raj. The table is filled with really nice dinnerware. I’m enjoying the scene and people-watching when all of a sudden time slowed then completely stopped.

Emily N., California – Touching the Tip of Time in Lucid DreamingTouching the Tip of Time

[A lucid dream that also has simultaneous aspects.] I’m lying on the carpeted floor of the front room of a bungalow that I recognize from my youth. I’m lying, face up with head towards the wall, and the long axis of my body perpendicular to the outer wall.

Shaun St. Clair – Change the Scene In Lucid DreamChange the Scene

I’m lucid in this dream as early as I can remember, though I have a few moments of non-lucidity. I fly during the majority of the dream, but have a brief break in my lucidity when informed that I, like my brother, will be deployed to Afghanistan.

James Sims – A Flight of Epic Proportions in Lucid DreamingA Flight of Epic Proportions

I am on a wooden sailing ship that has just anchored in port. There are rocks nearby and large storm surf begins rolling in. We decide to move the ship further from land, away from the rocks. As we maneuver the ship, a huge wave hits us and, lifting the ship up, hurls it inland.

Steve Racicot – Electric Spirit: Twice Dreamt in Lucid DreamingElectric Spirit: Twice Dreamt

I get lucid at a lake in Guatemala, where I did a lucid dreaming retreat. I look at a volcano and make it erupt and then make the sky shoot lightning from all directions into the lake. I turn and see my teacher on the retreat and she looks much younger. I lose lucidity but gain it again at a festival.

Jesse Mitchell – Campsite in Lucid DreamingCampsite

I started my dream, lucid, after waking at 4AM and staying awake for 15 minutes. I had initially gone to sleep after watching Robert Waggoner’s lecture in Tel Aviv. It was the longest lucid dream I’ve ever had, but I won’t describe everything now.

Allie Wilmot – Asking Who’s in Charge in Lucid DreamingWho’s in Charge Here?

This lucid dream began pretty strangely. I am in my bedroom, sort of curled up (my legs folded into my chest), moving magically about through the air. As I float, I bump into objects in the room and wonder if my will to lucid dream actually has my physical body floating around my room in a semi-doze.

Shawn Selders – Invisible Water Skis in Lucid DreamingInvisible Water Skis

This is a lucid dream that had an amazing ending because of my ‘wrong’ wording, as I had intended to say, ‘Show me something important to see!’: To confirm I’m dreaming I like to pull my left trigger finger and see whether I can prolong it.

Marlise – Show Me Something Important to Do in Lucid DreamingShow Me Something Important to Do!

My lucidity was ignited within a regular, unconscious dream, when I realized that my grandmother, who was talking about futile things with me, was actually deceased in real life. After that initial realization, I knew that I was dreaming. I checked my hands and their alluring shape confirmed my suspicion.

Joachim – Lucid Healing in Lucid DreamingLucid Healing

First Experience: When I was about 9 years old: (At first I’m not aware I’m dreaming.) There was a zombie apocalypse and I was desperate to find someone. Eventually I came across my Grandmother. My first instinct was to take her and leave.

Ashton – Three Lucid DreamsThree Lucid Dreams