After a fairly long, mostly forgotten dream, fading in and out of lucidity, I woke up in a small, dumpy bed in a shabby, flop-house-like apartment. My first prurient thought was the bed would be too squeaky for sex because it would probably wake up the neighbors. Then, however, due to the apartment‘s unfamiliarity, I realized I just had a false awakening and became lucid again.

Laurance – Hands of Light in Lucid DreamingHands of Light

I wake up in the middle of the night, I go to the bathroom and go back to bed. While I’m getting back to sleep, I start to feel vibrations. It’s another WILD experience I’m having, those OBE-like ones. I start to detach from my body and I get out of bed. Here I am, inside a dream, already perfectly lucid. I do what I always do when this happens: I go to my bedroom window, open it and see what landscape is in front of me.

Gustavo Vieira – Girl With Psychic Abilities in Lucid DreamingGirl With Psychic Abilities

This was my second ever lucid dream experience. The first one was a couple of years ago, and lasted only a few seconds: I realized I was dreaming, and let myself become very excited; I was overwhelmed by what I might do now that I was lucid (I’d wanted to see the earth from space), and the dream collapsed, leaving only ‘fuzz,’ like the snow on a non-transmitting television channel. I don’t remember what I was dreaming when I became lucid.

Kurt Daisley – Two Dreams At Once? in Lucid DreamingTwo Dreams At Once?

(WILD reentry into dream.) I arrive in dreamland sitting crosslegged on the floor, fully lucid. Rising, I exclaim, ‘This is all a dream, it‘s all in my head!’ and marvel at the realism of the dimly lit room I‘ve been transported to. With strong focus, I ghost through the door, emerging outside under a canopy of stars. I gaze upwards and intend to visit the heavens, but my flying abilities sputter after some minor levitation. Time to switch gears.

Brian Stanton – Inquiring Into The Important: An Unsettling Future in Lucid DreamingInquiring Into The Important: An Unsettling Future

I began this Wake Initiated Lucid Dream around 9 AM and found myself in a hotel lobby, already with a rather decent amount of awareness. I began in front of an Information desk, and routinely rubbed my hands to stabilize the dream, repeating to myself that “This is a dream.”

Richard Haigh – My Casimir Dream in Lucid DreamingMy Casimir Dream

I find myself lucid, as if in mist, surrounded by trees, although I can only see the smooth and sinuous gray trunks of a single tree directly in front of me. I want to go up above the trees so that I can study them, but I feel rooted to the spot. I close my eyes, and will myself to be high up in the sky. I’m feeling frustrated, because there’s no reason I should have to literally fly up there since this is a dream; I should be able to will myself into the sky.

 Maria Isabel Pita – Circle of Light in Lucid DreamingCircle of Light

I created a dream plan on the 28th of March 2015 (one of the tools I learnt on Charley Morley’s lucid dreaming course). I had never practiced lucid dreaming before, my 1st dream course was in March, but my plan was ‘in my next lucid dream I would love to explore and harness my creative mind and see through ‘reality‘s boundaries.’ On the plan I wrote this, and drew a pictorial diagram and had a short statement of intent.

 Kayleigh Robinson – Exploring and Harnessing My Creative Mind in Lucid DreamingExploring and Harnessing My Creative Mind

During a period of many difficulties, including the end of a relationship that had resulted in 3 kids, and the death of my Saami shaman teacher and friend, I stayed at a friend‘s house. This was one year ago.

Torstein Simonsen – Flight of the Eagle in Lucid DreamingFlight of the Eagle

My dream body doesn‘t always manifest resembling a physical body, and I have experienced several different forms in dreams over the years. The forms seems to relate to the type of awareness I am wielding at the time. Here’s a recent example of a different type of dream body:

 Albert Lauer –  A Foggy Dream Body Like an Apple Tree in Lucid DreamingA Foggy Dream Body Like an Apple Tree

I was standing on a rugged mountaintop, no vegetation, the rock was a reddish color. I found my hands by instinct and became lucid.

Jase – Sometime in 1992: My First Lucid Dream in Lucid DreamingSometime in 1992: My First Lucid Dream

This was not a lucid dream, but rather an out of body experience. After leaving my body, I decided to move outside through the balcony door. Outside, approximately 6 feet away from the house, a curtain hung down from the sky, more like a network with holes, approximately 3-4 inches in size. I noticed other similar curtains further away. My surroundings were hazy; the sky, the air, and everything else was a rusty brown colour, although in various light and dark shades.

Yhawa – Transforming Into an Elephant During an OBE in Lucid DreamingTransforming Into an Elephant During an OBE

I shape shift a lot in my dream time, have been aware of my sleeping body multiple times while dreaming and most recently about a month ago I had a simultaneous dream experience for the first time.

Jamila Suzanne – Shapeshifting and Simultaneous Dreams in Lucid DreamingShapeshifting and Simultaneous Dreams