I‘m sitting in a well lit airport departure lounge… this is a huge dream sign for me so I instantly know I‘m dreaming and levitate a little to confirm it. I look around and there‘s quite a crowd gathering. There is nobody I know or recognise in the crowd. I‘m hyper lucid at this stage. The crowd seem very friendly and fascinated by me, as though they really want to make contact.

Norman Clark – There’s Something I Need to Learn in Lucid DreamingThere’s Something I Need to Learn

I was happily dreaming lucid when I noticed a text on a box from something like a music record. I remembered then that other lucid dreamers use text as a reality check, because in dreaming text is not stable as in every day life. Text changes whenever the dreamer looks back at it and I have seen this many times.

Albert Lauer Lucid Dreaming – Attention Going Haywire in Lucid DreamingAttention Going Haywire

(Mario and Lourdes are my brother and sister. They don’t remember any dreams from that night.) I become aware of being in a shadowy hotel room with Mario. This is a dream! We’re dreaming together, and we both know it. Then we hear someone at the door, and immediately recognizing Lourdes when I open it a crack, I let her in happily. In the dream we look like children, ten, eleven and twelve years old respectively, or thereabouts. “

Maria Isabel Pita – Ave Maria in Lucid DreamingAve Maria

I just wanted to share an experience I had not long ago, where I was in a lucid dream state. But first, a little about myself: I’m a male, 30 years of age and live on the southern coast of Norway. Only child. Girlfriend. Not married. No kids. Live alone in my apartment. Don’t do drugs. Aethiest. Not open-minded to the supernatural at all.

Stefan Borg Pieratzki – Winter 2010 “A Really Cool Experience” in Lucid DreamingWinter 2010 “A Really Cool Experience”

During my undergraduate years at a University of California school, I learned about lucid dreaming from a psychology class titled “Altered States of Consciousness” taught by Charlie Tart. I was subscribing at the time to “the Lucidity Letter” where readers share experiences and experimental results and I’d read several books on the topic. I tried various techniques to become lucid, with Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s MILD being the most effective.

Xeno – Ripples from the Future Ripples from the Future A Link Between the Real World and the Lucid Dream World?Ripples from the Future Ripples from the Future A Link Between the Real World and the Lucid Dream World?

I recently was dreaming that I was back in high school and was wandering through the halls there. I was very aware of the fact that I had a baseball game that day. Then, suddenly, as I was walking down the hall with one of my good friends (and my current roommate), I came to the realization that I was dreaming. This, like usual, happened without a clear trigger, just more of a general sense that everything didn’t feel quite right. The realization was, however, very intense and exciting.

Brian Linn – May 25 2009 Back to High School in Lucid DreamingMay 25 2009 Back to High School

I find myself in a store, a rectangular room. Bright, clear colors, a 3-D feel of solidity to everything. But the things for sale I perceive, rather vaguely, as perhaps being made of wood, almost an effect of enlarged, somewhat old fashioned toys. (Only on waking do I realize that this was the Harvard Coop: books, textbooks, art; a happy place for me in my long-ago Harvard days, and years later, when I came back to New England.)

Edith Gilmore –  Summer 2009 Not This Hairstyle in Lucid Dreaming Summer 2009 Not This Hairstyle

For the previous few days I had been reading the book by R. Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, and decided that I wanted to become lucid.

Elena – April 15, 2009 Testing My Lucidity in Lucid DreamingApril 15, 2009 Testing My Lucidity

1) DILD – I am in a (non-existent in waking life) room off my bedroom. I try to hand something to an elderly man from East India, some kind of a card. I return to my bedroom and find myself floating. I wonder if I could be dreaming.

A. Dreamer – December 1 2008 Local Lucids in Lucid DreamingDecember 1 2008 Local Lucids

Brian Selva –  Autumn 2008 in Lucid Dreaming


Unfortunately, I am not one to keep track of my dreams in such things as a dreaming journal, but just last night I am pretty sure that I experienced a simultaneous dream.


When I woke up from my dream(s) last night, I was aware, and can still remember three separate, distinct happenings, although I cannot recall what they were. While I was dreaming, I also noticed that my physical body was tossing, turning, and feeling on edge (as much as a sleeping body can be) more than I’ve ever noticed before while dreaming. I think this can be attributed to the fact that as my mind was playing these three separate dreams at once, my body was trying it’s best to work with my mind through them. I’m not sure if that makes any sense.


I also recall while dreaming a sense, as was mentioned in the article, Multiple Awareness in Simultaneous Dreaming,* where “Several thoughts go rushing at super speed through my mind.” At some point, the thoughts and the body movements were all just too much for me to handle and I had to force myself to wake up (although I am unsure as to why I was holding on to those dreams for so long in the first place).  


I hope this e-mail is helpful to you at the LDE.

*Multiple Awareness in Simultaneous Dreaming,

© Lucy Gillis See the Articles section of the LDE website www.dreaminglucid.com

Brian Selva –  Autumn 2008 in Lucid DreamingAutumn 2008

J. is nearby, looking at me expectantly. I feel these strong energies starting to move through my ‘body’ and I quickly look at my hands, realizing I’m dreaming or that it’s an OBE or astral experience of some sort since J. left a while ago. I lie back to surrender and let the energy move through me.

Craig Webb – April 25 2008 J. Present As I Go Astral Lucid and Pulse with 1Hz Energy in Lucid DreamingApril 25 2008 J. Present As I Go Astral Lucid and Pulse with 1Hz Energy

In my dream, I am 14 years old again. I am in the school changing rooms, putting on my school uniform. I am very focused on what I am doing, and begin to perceive the material of my shirt, the buttons and the pleats in my skirt very vividly. Then it occurs to me that I no longer go to school and must be dreaming.

Rebecca Turner – January 4 2008 The Mirror Experiment in Lucid DreamingJanuary 4 2008 The Mirror Experiment