It had been over three months, and in that time I had had only two brief lucid dreams. Usually I have an average of about 6 a month, with very little induction other than the power of suggestion. I was actually beginning to feel antsy – like something was wrong. The power of suggestion wasn’t working it’s magic as before. Even a few attempts at other techniques didn’t work.

Lucy Gillis – March 1-2 2008 5+ Lucids Within 24 Hours in Lucid DreamingMarch 1-2 2008 5+ Lucids Within 24 Hours

It is 6:30 a.m. I am awake. I am lying in bed relaxed. I decide to try to induce a lucid dream. I keep repeating over and over “I am dreaming.”

Steve Parker – December 26 2007 Water Skimmer in Lucid DreamingDecember 26 2007 Water Skimmer

. . . I am at some wedding in L.A., feeling the buzz of the L.A. night life and enjoying myself. At some point I am under covers (blankets), just luxuriating in the feeling of being in a lush, wealthy atmosphere, when I look about me and feel a dawning realization that I’m in a dream. I’m so happy! I get up and bounce again, (“again” since bouncing was a customary thing to do at these sorts of weddings and we have just recently done that – it made sense at the time) this time singing and turning. . . .

Lucy Gillis – March 24 2006 A Dream Guide for a Night in Lucid DreamingMarch 24 2006 A Dream Guide for a Night

I’m living alone in an apartment. I go into the living room. I try to turn on the lights, but the place remains dark. Then I know I’m dreaming.

Karl Boyken – October 23, 2000 Gratitude in Lucid DreamingOctober 23, 2000 Gratitude

About one year ago this passing summer, I ended up with no sleep at all after spending a night drinking and such with friends. It was at about six thirty a.m. when the night came to an end at my friend’s family-owned bed and breakfast. I remember very clearly saying farewell to my good friend Ed Guest, who was up on the balcony outside our friend’s bedroom, trying to get comfy on a twisted pile of quilts and pillows.

Alex Turner in Lucid DreamingLucid Dreaming

I am on a trek, always moving, hardly stopping except for a moment or so. A young man with blonde hair (in a modified spike style) is guiding me over hill and through dale. He is taking me to wonders or people with wonderful abilities. Each time someone does something marvelous, I realize that I have the ability to do them one better. Although I am proud of my achievements, I’m not trying to show off, just matter-of-factly demonstrating to the others that they need not treat me like a neophyte.

Linda Lane Magallón – September 16-17 2006 Journey To The Upper and Underworlds, F, L, Super in Lucid DreamingSeptember 16-17 2006 Journey To The Upper and Underworlds, F, L, Super

I’m in a store in a mall. An automaton who looks like Jude Law is here. He wants to kill me, because he’s been accidentally misprogrammed. There’s nothing malicious about him; he’s just doing what he’s programmed to do.

Karl Boyken – The Golden Door in Lucid DreamingThe Golden Door

I find myself on a busy sidewalk in a city during the daytime. Many people are coming towards me. I am already lucid. Since I know I am dreaming I decide to see if I can pass directly through these people. It does not work, the people appear to be as solid as I am.

Steve P Parker –  February 5 2006 Reality Time Checks in Lucid DreamingFebruary 5 2006 Reality Time Checks

I am happy to be lucid. (I don’t recall what triggered lucidity. Lucidity is not of a high degree, though I am aware I am in a dream.) I’m trying to get a dream character to remember three words when she awakens from this dream. It seems we are trying a mutual dreaming experiment. I get her to repeat the three words and to also repeat that she knows she’s dreaming. She realizes she’s distracted when she has to ask me to remind her what the words were. I think what a good idea it would be to repeat or chant a code word while you were waking up – surely that would help you remember the word easily if it is still on your lips as you wake.

I then go into a false awakening in which I try to write down the dream. B and two other people are now with me and are trying to “help”. I remember two of the “code” words; “uprooting” and “uplifting”. B is saying random words, trying to guess the third word, thinking that this is helping me. I get mildly annoyed and tell her it was my dream, and to stop trying to guess the third word, stop trying to get into my head. But she doesn’t listen, she continues to guess a few more words. Exasperated, I say “Get out of my head!” Ironically, I don’t realize I’m still dreaming and in a way, she is in my head!

Lucy Gillis – December 10 2005 Get Out of My Head in Lucid DreamingDecember 10 2005 Get Out of My Head!

I had a lucid healing dream recently. Finally!!! I saw a ball of light that spontaneously moved from one part of my body to another location seemingly at random. At this stage, I knew I was dreaming.

Anne Masterson – September 2005 Speaking of Whether Adam Has Lucid Dreams. . .September 2005 Speaking of Whether Adam Has Lucid Dreams. . .

After reading lucid techniques in LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreams, I decide to ask a dream character the definition of “pain”. Then I visualize a pink lotus with a flame in the center….

C.S. – February 27 1995 The Definition of Pain: InsuranceFebruary 27 1995 The Definition of Pain: Insurance

I forget many earlier details, but I’m with someone I know (in the dream) and I spontaneously realize this is probably a dream. I fly upwards to test and it does indeed work, so I know I’m dreaming. I send a willful intention for my friend to join me flying, and he does indeed fly upward to join me, apparently quite amazed. I think he’s Chinese.

Craig Sim Webb – February 27 2005 Lucid Light Switching Experiment Somewhat SuccessfulFebruary 27 2005 Lucid Light Switching Experiment Somewhat Successful