I spoke to my roommates last night about the power of subconscious mind…When I was dreaming I heard my roommates shouting, “Didn’t you ask your subconscious to wake you up?!”

Vijay Bhaskar – The Power of the Subconscious Mind in Lucid DreamingThe Power of the Subconscious Mind

Gustavo Vieira – A Talk With a Dream Girlfriend in Lucid Dreaming


I’m in a street. A woman on the other side of the street is looking at me. We know we are very close friends, maybe in a relationship or even married (but I only know this inside the dream, because I do not know who she is in waking life nor am I currently in a relationship).


She is beautiful. Short height, brunette, green eyes, her face kind of looks like actress Zooey Deschanel. We hug. We start talking a bit while walking and I become lucid. I decide to talk about dreams.


Me: “Can I ask you a question?”


Woman: “Yes, you can.”


Me: “Do you know that this is all a dream? You are dreaming too.”


Woman: “Really?”


I notice that she becomes a little disappointed to hear that.


Me: “Yes, you know why? Give me your hand. Count your fingers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You have 6 fingers. See?”


She is not very surprised.


Me: “Another question. We know each other…” (Here I notice that she is a bit disappointed to hear the word “know) “… ahm… we like …” (same expression) “… we love …” (she becomes happier) “… and we usually meet in the dream. But sometimes I wake up in the middle of the dream. When this happens I disappear and I’m no longer by your side. Did you never find this strange?”


Woman: “No, I understand. Notice the different cultures around the world. There are countries where when a woman is with a man and he disappears, she stays faithful and waits for his return. There are other countries that do not.”


After we talk a little more, we agree to meet more often in future dreams.


Gustavo Vieira – A Talk With a Dream Girlfriend in Lucid DreamingA Talk With a Dream Girlfriend

I’m in a hospital ward, one of those old, 1950’s ones, a little creepy in fact, when I become lucid. Earlier during the day I’d been thinking about what to do if I’d had a lucid dream and I thought about reality testing the scene of the dream to see how changeable it is. Now I had the perfect opportunity to do so.

Josh Langley – How Changeable is My Dream in Lucid Dreaming? How Changeable is My Dream?

I am very fascinated by lucid dreams – the very first one I had was just a few months ago. I remember realising I was dreaming and, seeing some guy sitting on the stairs to my house, I thought, ‘There must be a lot of potential for learning from these dream people while lucid dreaming.’

Alex – Meeting With a Non-Human Female in Lucid DreamingAlex - Meeting With a Non-Human Female in Lucid Dreaming

My sister and I are on vacation and are in a dark unfamiliar home with an art gallery and several floors. We miss mom (passed away 4 years ago). Just then, I see her face in the painting over in the corner! I become lucid at the sight of this. She smiles at us.

Sharon Pastore – C’mon Mom! in Lucid DreamingC'mon Mom!

Sometimes lucidity comes to me just because I sense that the ambience is very dream-like. I mean, I feel lighter, the lights are clear but a little blurry. On this day, when this triggered my lucidity, I remembered to try to do the street bending technique, as seen in the Inception movie. I’ve been thinking of doing that for a couple of days. It was easy to do, but it was hard to maintain it:

Gustavo Vieira – Bending Technique in Lucid DreamingBending Technique

I was getting ready to sleep (face down) when all of the sudden I knew I was in a lucid dream. I felt someone reach for me and lift me towards the ceiling, and I said through telepathic communication, “We are leaving, but please keep me face down until we are out in space.’

Olga – The Universe is Infinite in Lucid DreamingThe Universe is Infinite

Towards the end of a fairly long dream, I found myself walking around a crowded airport, accompanying an undercover policeman. We were strolling by a conveyor belt of moving baggage when I started floating over it. I must have been hungry because the baggage transformed into tempting food dishes and desserts, triggering lucidity.

Laurance – Extraphysical Hometown in Lucid DreamingExtraphysical Hometown

The other night I was dreaming and got in that delicious state where I was aware of the dream. A man in a gnarly, high HP truck was chasing a woman down the freeway. She did this brilliant fake-out maneuver using an off ramp, and, at the last second, veered back onto the freeway. I was in the RH lane and drove past him as he was negotiating the off ramp.

Janyce Collins – Flying in Lucid DreamingFlying

I was walking with a woman I didn’t know across flat grassland towards a hill with a stone barrow on the top (like the bronze-age entrance graves I’d seen in the Scilly Isles recently). A sign said that the barrow was closed, but I could see people milling around it and inside it.

Catherine Burns – The Stairs to the Barrow in Lucid DreamingThe Stairs to the Barrow

Shortly after an operation followed by an illness ending in another hospital stay, I had the following lucid dream. I was standing in front of a large door with a very tall dark man who had indicated he was going to help me. I knew I was dreaming when I looked up at him because he was so very tall. I asked him if he could become shorter so that I could talk to him and he seemed to do so.

Helen Symmons – Lucid Dream Healing in Lucid DreamingLucid Dream Healing

Having had a mysterious issue with my stomach for months now, I intended to have a lucid dream. My task? Become lucid and ask aloud, “What is the cause of my stomach problems?”

Sharon Pastore – What is the Cause in Lucid DreamingWhat is the Cause?