During the IASD Conference, I attended the morning dream group ‘Inner Self & Seth’ where each day we were given a dream incubation assignment. The first was ‘Let me meet my inner Self!’ This led to a humorous lucid dream with some energizing and amazing depth for me.

Marlise – Marble Breaks and Iron Bends in Lucid DreamingMarmor, Stein und Eisen bricht / Marble Breaks and Iron Bends

In the beginning of this dream, I tell a story of a dream I’ve had to people in an open field full of greenery. However, due to their lack of interest, I give up on summarizing my dream. Although the situation hasn’t gone as I had planned, the very fact that I was talking about dreams triggers my lucidity.

James Sims – The Impenetrably Perfect Happiness of Our God in Lucid DreamingThe Impenetrably Perfect Happiness of Our God

I was at my childhood home, a horse ranch on Oahu, and I was tasked with watching over the place. I decide to sneak out but after hitting the road I start to get worried that I’ll be caught. Just as the feeling of being worried sets in, I realize I’m dreaming.

Matt Chong – Signing To My Father in Lucid DreamingSigning To My Father

I had woken up at 4.30 a.m. with anxiety about my life, following a relocation to another country and a new job (to which I had been led by following another lucid dream). I was commuting between cities and my children were staying with family as I struggled to make us a new home.

Dominique Santos – What Will Make Me Happy in Lucid DreamingWhat Will Make Me Happy?

Most of the lengthy dream had been non-lucid. I was in a scene about nearing the end of my senior year of high school. The main theme was a positive feeling of accomplishment and a sense of freedom.

David L. Kahn – Choosing Sunlight in Lucid DreamingChoosing Sunlight

I am walking through Liverpool city (United Kingdom). I suddenly feel elated that I am back in Liverpool, like I’m at my spiritual home (which in itself is interesting). I then start questioning how I could be in Liverpool as I’ve not been here since I finished studying as a student.

Rob from Norfolk, UK – Show Me Something Important in Lucid DreamingShow Me Something Important

I had always wanted to taste food in a lucid dream. I had read accounts from some lucid dreamers describing the sensation of taste by eating or drinking during a dream. I found it fascinating to try this experience during my own lucid dreams and so I set myself this challenge.

Eric F. – Tasting Food in a Lucid DreamTasting Food in a Lucid Dream

I went to bed around midnight and woke up three hours later. That night I was experimenting with the DreamZ app, but now as I lay still trying to achieve a Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream, I found it would mistake my physical stillness for R.E.M.-stage sleep and play my pre-recorded message, “This is a dream, take charge…” and wake me up before I could enter the dream.

Daryl3d – Astral Yogi in Lucid DreamingAstral Yogi

There is a ladder hanging down from the sky. It doesn’t quite reach the ground. The bottom rung is about six to eight feet up in the air. There is a man trying to catch this ladder, but it keeps moving along ahead of him. The landscape is high desert with scattered pinon and juniper trees.

Steve Racicot – Ladder in the Sky in Lucid DreamingLadder in the Sky

I entered a restaurant with my husband (J) and his father. It was empty. I kept walking through it to get to a backyard. J and his father already disappeared. There was a big party with lots of people and music. I started dancing with somebody. I was happy and laughing.

Sunshine – Spaceships in Lucid DreamingSpaceships

Vivid lucid dream: I’m inside a residential garage. I’m lucid. (Upon waking, I could not recall any specific trigger that caused me to become lucid. There may have been a prior scene that triggered it.) As I’m floating in mid-air, I say out loud, as if I’m speaking to the dream or my inner self, “Show me something important.”

Chris Cunniffe – Put Your Outer Alien Magnets On In Lucid DreamingPut Your Outer Alien Magnets On

I was in the middle of a nightmare being chased by a strange woman who I don’t know. I suddenly realised that I was dreaming. I was thinking, “When I’m running from someone, I’m surely dreaming.” Although I knew it was just a dream, I was so scared that I kept walking through the walls to try to hide while the woman was running after me.

FM – Facing My Fear in Lucid DreamingFacing My Fear