I had a lucid dream… What tipped me off is realizing I wanted to fly. I was in a room with huge windows on the right, the ones that opened if you pulled them up.

Cerina – Reflections of a WindowReflections of a Window

I suddenly see myself reflected in a distant mirror. The reflection shows me with very long hair, down to my hips, and wearing two thin braids at each side of my face.

Bea Salgado – Me and Not Me in the Mirror ReflectionMe and Not Me in the Mirror Reflection

I’m sitting in front of a mirror, and as I study my reflection, I become lucid. I’m looking at another woman, perhaps in her early thirties, seeing and feeling through her eyes as she admires her flawless complexion, her full, expressive mouth, her straight nose, and the red hair softly framing her face.

Maria Isabel Pita – Another Woman’s Reflection in Lucid Dreaming Another Woman's Reflection

I was walking down a street. It was a dark night. I saw a creepy old house on my left. I became lucid and heard a male voice say, “This place is strong in the dark side. In you must go. This is where your deepest fears inhabit.”

Francisco – What is Your Greatest Fear in Lucid DreamingWhat is Your Greatest Fear?

After a dry spell that lasted a few months, I was determined to focus on some deeper goals I had on health and longevity. What followed was a trio of lucid dreams; the first two nights were concurrent, followed by a gap which allowed me to absorb the lessons before the final and third night.

Daryl3d – Three Lucid Dreams Three Lucid Dreams

Lucid, I dreamed I owned two very large black ravens that would fly all over the place. At one point, one got out and flew away. I found it and wrestled with it and was able to subdue it long enough to get it back home. It was night.

Luna – Ravens and Stardust in Lucid DreamingRavens and Stardust

In the middle of a pretty long dream, I found myself sitting in a theatre where a movie about climate change was about to play. But instead of a screen or projection appearing when the curtains were pulled back, there was no wall there and natural disasters were taking place right outside.

Morth – The Woman in the Mirror in Lucid DreamingThe Woman in the Mirror

I am outside, walking in an area of wild heather. I become lucid and decide I want to become one with God. I walk to a cliff and throw myself off. As I fall, I shout out, “I want to become one with God!” I am falling into the deep darkness.

David Clapper – “Who is the I?” in Lucid Dreaming“Who is the I?”

I was dreaming that I was in an old house with lots of antique furniture. Something about the smell of the wooden antique furniture caused me to become lucid. The home had lots of children playing, running, and jumping through the house.

Lemoyne Robinson – The Girl In The Hijab in Lucid DreamingThe Girl In The Hijab

I am watching myself fall asleep and trying to stay conscious. At first I see vague outlines of people. One is waving to me. These disappear and then the whole space around me is filled with red and blue spheres. I think, “That is not much of a dream image.”

Steve Racicot – Precognitive Lucid DreamPrecognitive Lucid Dream

I was in another apartment in my building where I’ve lived most of my life, and everything was “wrong”—the remodel, the neighbors, the layout. And on the way up the stairs, I saw the paint on the wall was peeling. I knew the paint was wrong. We’ve had wallpaper for many years.

Betsy Budney – Dream Kiss in Lucid DreamingDream Kiss

I enter the kitchen and try to turn on the light but there is no effect. I realize very quicklythat I am asleep, so I go out flying in the sky with a Rock & Roll music background.

Bahram – Destination in Lucid DreamingDestination