Suddenly, I‘m standing in the rec room facing the bay windows with my brother, Mario, who is standing a few feet away. I lucidly pull myself into the dream by walking right up to him so our faces are very close. We look directly at each other. His tone a blend of wonder and uncertainty, says something to the effect of, ‘It‘s really happening!‘ I reply at once, ‘Yes, we‘re together in a lucid dream!‘

Maria Isabel Pita – Hard Workers  in Lucid DreamingHard Workers

So I‘ve been trying to get lucid for a long time now and I finally got it! I‘ve been doing so many things to help do it. Eating sunflower seeds (has a mineral or something in it to help), using the oculus (virtual reality adds another reality to what you know, making your brain think about it more, meditating a little, trying to SP, and more! And now I finally got it! Of course the dream is short because I woke up around 8, fell back to sleep at 9, and 9-9:45 I had it. (Keep in mind that in dreams you can be much dumber than in waking.)

Kai M – Playing With Dream Powers in Lucid DreamingPlaying With Dream Powers

I have read that some people meditate inside a lucid dream. I am not experienced at meditation and I don’t even call myself a beginner. I have meditated a couple of times and saw some videos on how to do it. But I had to try just a simple mediation technique in a lucid dream. Here are two of them.

Gustavo Vieira – Meditation Inside the Dream in Lucid DreamingMeditation Inside the Dream

Due to stress from ongoing family crises, I had increasingly developed gut problems and had to carefully watch my diet. I believe several closelyspaced lucid dreams helped me get better:

Laurance – Physical Healing in Lucid DreamingPhysical Healing

was dreaming, as normal, like you do, when suddenly, while walking down some fire escape stairs, and glancing into another room, I saw a friend of mine who passed away in a road accident earlier this year. It was such a blatant dream sign (((BANG))) I became lucid. Then I walked up to him “hiding all my emotions” and as he liked sparring, I put on some gloves and said, ‘Teach me something mate, because I really don’t know a thing,‘ while again “hiding all my emotions.”

John Bruce Bedford – Goodbye My Friend in Lucid DreamingGoodbye My Friend

It began as an ordinary dream. I was calling my sister on the phone from 47th street in NYC near a subway entrance. At one point I saw her pass by and I slouched so she couldn’t see me. Later I was on the phone with a man in a hat who was unshaven. He was her boyfriend and I wished them happiness.

Alan Abramowitz – The Butterfly in Lucid DreamingThe Butterfly

I usually watch TV before I go to sleep but this time I decided to try and get a good night sleep before school in the morning. I‘m in high school, so when I fell asleep I ended up in my middle school and I was talking to my ex girlfriend that I never talk to anymore. That’s when I knew I was in a dream.

RaShaad Elliott – The Past  in Lucid DreamingThe Past

…In another scene, I know immediately that I‘m back in the same place of my earlier lucid and that I‘m dreaming. A young Caucasian man, dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt and sweatpants he clearly sleeps in, is standing just to my left. He got up when I appeared/arrived in order to greet me, and to wait with me. He is facing me but I am facing the doorway and bedroom from which he emerged.

Maria Isabel Pita – Dream Warrior in Lucid DreamingDream Warrior

I was with my daughter and her mother. My daughter is now 22 years old, and in the dream she was still young and it was at time while I would still have been married to her mother. It was a nice sunny day and we were outside.

Douglas Bland – The Lion and the Babysitter in Lucid DreamingThe Lion and the Babysitter

During this dream, set in a quite beautiful countryside, it didn’t take long before I fully realised I was in a dream state. I decided to move over to a clump of grass and see what it felt like.

Vivien Lockyer – Grass, Flight, Mud  in Lucid DreamingGrass, Flight, Mud.

I used to live on Anderson St. in San Francisco, CA. I shared a three bedroom house with two friends, and that is where I had my first controlled lucid dream. The house had two bedrooms on the top floor and one on the main floor (which I occupied). The bathroom was on the top floor also, which was less than ideal at times, especially in the middle of the night. To wake up and climb stairs to use the restroom was a major inconvenience; the stairs were steep and not well lit, and required that you keep your wits about you, if you want to stay injury-free.

Paul J. Smith – A Nightmare on Anderson St. in Lucid DreamingA Nightmare on Anderson St.

I‘m not normally big on afternoon naps, but this particular Saturday afternoon in early 2002 definitely had me wary of taking another one. My partner and I had laid down at about 2 pm. Half an hour later I opened my eyes as I lay there, waking up slowly ,and saw the afternoon light stream in through the curtains as well as the back of Andy‘s head as he lay there still sleeping.

Josh Langley – The Afternoon Nap that Turned Into a Nightmare – False Awakenings and Sleep Paralysis in Lucid DreamingThe Afternoon Nap that Turned Into a Nightmare - False Awakenings and Sleep Paralysis