I am outside at night. A snake slithers by and I scream. As it moves away it becomes gigantic, about 20 feet long and a foot thick. It barrels back at me in a straight line. I’m scared and begin running. I realize I can’t outrun it and become lucid and face it. I yell ― “STOP!” forcefully and confidently.

Stephanie – My Very First Lucid Dream in Lucid DreamingMy Very First Lucid Dream

I ended up in a strange dream in which I was inside a mall that had apartment units where the shops should be. I went inside of one and saw my children sitting in front of a television eating cereal. I somehow knew they had gone into a familiar unit, one where an older lady lived. She was a caretaker for them. She was not there, though, so I asked them, ―Where did you get the cereal?‖ My middle son replied, ―It‘s hers.

Dayna – Chatting with My Guide in Lucid DreamingChatting with My Guide

I had an extremely lucid dream. At first I was spending time with some people that I did not know at all, yet they acted like close friends. One was a Frenchman and the other was a musician. They were charming, good-natured, and spoke both English and French. I remember giving some of their friends a lot of chocolate. The Frenchman seemed obsessed with sailing.

Sandra Mayer – Lucid World in Lucid DreamingLucid World

This dream took place during a Dream Remote Viewing (DRV) event with a psi-dreaming practice group. The goal was to remotely view, in a dream, a secret location visited by the event host. I become lucid and recall the event – and more.

Janet Mast Boerema – Massimo Hotel and Lucid Awareness to a Disaster Zone in Lucid DreamingMassimo Hotel and Lucid Awareness to a Disaster Zone

Before bed, I prayed and asked our Father to let me have a lucid dream (to know that it was something real and not made up) and to share with me what He would like to share.

Shirley – Watch This in Lucid DreamingWatch This!

July 6th, 2014 (3 days prior to my birthday): I found myself in what looked like a palace of white alabaster or marble. It reminded me of Greece or an old landscape. It was beautiful. There were columns from the floor to the ceiling and they were quite beautiful. I was very curious and began to look around. As I approached the third column, a tall shadowy figure stepped in front of me.

Lynda S – Facing the Shadow of Fear in Lucid DreamingFacing the Shadow of Fear

Last year, I decided to manifest a certain amount of money within a week’s time, by using a metaphysical technique that had worked for me in the past. I was totally committed to this objective, totally believed I could do it and even regarded it as already achieved.

Yves – Unexpected Voice of the Dream in Lucid Dreaming Unexpected Voice of the Dream

had times I was very interested and systematically incubated dreams in order to address the unknown awareness behind the dream. In this following dream I find myself with my car on a narrow forest road. The dream setting looks very realistic as it corresponds exactly to the real woods‘ I am used to visiting.

Ave Minajeva – Immense Peace in Lucid DreamingImmense Peace

I become lucid through one of my dream signs. I was in my grandparents summer cottage from my childhood which I often dream about although the cottage no longer exists. I was practising dream yoga so I thought what should I do now?

 Olli Erjanti – Consciousness Behind My Dream in Lucid DreamingConsciousness Behind My Dream

I can‘t recall what specifically triggered lucidity – it may be the earlier part of the dream in which I‘m in the area of an old neighbour, but the landscape is not right somehow. It is like a version of the actual‘ landscape, but the spatial relationships to other buildings are not correct. I comment on this to others who are in the scene. . . . When I become lucid I just want to fly and glide around a bit – stretch my wings‘ so to speak.

Lucy Gillis – ‘Through Which the Awareness Will Speak’ in Lucid Dreaming‘Through Which the Awareness Will Speak’

Although I did not specifically call out a request to a higher self or background awareness, I did wait patiently for this mysterious entity to present the dreamscape scenario. What happened next still fascinates me and has only occurred one other time in a dream. I actually felt the awareness move me into the dream. This invisible force had a jerky, mechanical feel as if on an amusement ride.

RickM – A Force of Nature in Lucid DreamingA Force of Nature

In my lucid dreams, dream helpers always appear unasked. I don‘t scrutinize the figures. I trust them unconditionally. Later, I am never able to describe them; they seem to be faceless‘. Sometimes, I wonder if they represent an aspect of my subconscious mind, the collective subconscious or even beings from another dimension?

Marlise – Show Me the World of My Dream Helpers in Lucid DreamingShow Me the World of My Dream Helpers