This building has turned into a prison; the other women and I are not allowed out. We are being shuffled from area to area. Oh! I lost my bags, lost my purse; they were right there, but now they are gone. Some women are sitting in the aisle where I last had my bags. Are they there? No? Where could they be? No time to look; we are being moved to another room.

B. E. Berger – The Kindness of Strangers in Lucid DreamingThe Kindness of Strangers

I am witnessing my Self witnessing my Self poised atop a high peak (peak experience?) when I have a sudden impulse to shape-shift by unfurling immensely large dark and shadowy wings (condor-like) and a visceral/organic sensation of immense expansion of form.

MysticMelody Lucid Dreamer – My Shape-shifting in Lucid DreamingMy Shape-shifting

During a dream of wandering through a large, empty mechanical room, I spontaneously realized I was dreaming. I flew out of the building and shortly over a tropical bay. I landed on a VW bug in four feet of blue water. Off to the side of the car I caught sight of a long, gray shape in the water. Momentarily I thought that it was a big shark so I trained my attention on it.

Matt – The Observer Effect in Lucid DreamingThe Observer Effect in Lucid Dreaming

I am playing catch with someone in the parking lot of an Albertson’s. All of a sudden I think to myself, “This is a dream,” so I ditch the random dude I was playing with. I want to fly!

Jonah Strand – Moving a Van with My Mind in Lucid DreamingMoving a Van with My Mind

I had a regular sleep and then my alarm woke me up. I went to sleep again and then I woke up in my room again. This time, all my furniture was moved randomly around, so I thought “This might be a lucid dream.” I jumped through my window, even though I felt scared, because if it was not a lucid dream, I would break all my legs. But I jumped, and I started to fly ! I flew over my town. Then I realized again “This must be a dream, because I am flying!”

Sebastian – Flying over My Town in Lucid DreamingFlying over My Town in Lucid Dreaming

I had an extremely vivid dream where several family members sat around a large table and my sisterin-law Sharon was a visitor. My mother-in-law had prepared a milk-based drink for me. I took a sip and it was horrible because it was cold and it had curdled quickly. Sharon was sarcastically commenting on the lovely drinks that her mother makes.

Arlindo Batista – Overcoming the Fear of Demonic Figures in Lucid DreamingOvercoming the Fear of Demonic Figures

I’m in a supermarket hunting down Batman….(?) Someone had taken him out of the comic and placed him in the real world. I stalk him as he passes by the aisles. I throw a pillow and miss him. As I get closer, I realize that he’s not Batman, but Abraham Lincoln! The man is huge.

Thomas Peisel – Lincoln’s Vision in Lucid DreamingLincoln's Vision in Lucid Dreaming

In the midst of dreams, I find myself joining a small crowd about to watch a new band perform. I’m a well known figure and someone points out my presence to the other waiting onlookers, proud that I’ve joined them. He calls me Blondie. The performance begins with a slight glitch as the singer opens his mouth but no sound appears to come out.

Maria Isabel Pita – Creepy Crustacean in Lucid DreamingCreepy Crustacean

I went to bed late (1.30 am) and found it difficult to fall asleep. The next thing I know (and I’ve experienced it before) is feeling the ‘presence’ of someone next to me in bed. I knew that I should try and relax, concentrate on my breathing, try to wriggle my toes, etc., anything, but then I was dragged off my bed. I tried to call out but nothing came out of my mouth except a weird mumbling.

Jennifer Spiller – Sleep Paralysis Leading to a Lucid Dream Sleep Paralysis Leading to a Lucid Dream

Beforehand, I decide to do the advanced TOTM, (Task Of The Month- We have a monthly task on where we try to achieve a specific thing) swim in the cretaceous sea. I watched BBC Sea Monsters with Nigel last week and was prepared. I would enter the mirror in my room and be on Nigel’s ship.

 Mike Coon – The Deep Blue Sea in Lucid Dreaming The Deep Blue Sea

“Don’t you remember me?” asks Avery. I could tell he had a sense of humor. With no shirt on, muscular, chiseled features, Avery was a very cute young guy about 20 years old (in waking life I am 38). We are gliding through a dark space, as if on a conveyor belt. I kept staring at him, trying to recall who he was…and then I finally remembered him! (This triggers lucidity.) We embrace and kiss passionately; talking, laughing, and embracing like long lost lovers. It felt like he had something to tell me – that’s why he came back – like he came back to get me.

Sharon Pastore – A Lucid Love Affair in Lucid DreamingA Lucid Love Affair

My lucid dream happened after a long day at school when I was either 14 or 15 (Autumn of 1997). It was around winter time and I remember getting back home and it was already dark by then. It had been raining and I had a double lesson of physical education outside in the rain before coming home in the rain so I was soaking wet.

Thomas Treen – Radiator Dream in Lucid DreamingRadiator Dream