I fell asleep at home during the day around noon. I don’t remember what I was dreaming but all I know is that I realized I was dreaming and I was under a clear blue sky with the sun shining down on me.

Kim – In the Sky in Lucid DreamingIn the Sky

At the top of a cliff I am going around a curve in the road too fast. I am not in a vehicle as I go over the edge. I try to grab the cliff top but to no avail. I see that it is hundreds of feet to the ground below. As I fall toward this distant ground I think, ‘Well, this is the end of this life. My body is going to be a mess– too bad for the people that find it.’

Steve Racicot – Empty Altar in Lucid DreamingEmpty Altar

I find myself naked in the house I am moving into in a week down at Ohio State University. My parents walk in and this is when I realize I’m dreaming. I recall my consciousness slipping in and becoming very excited because I realize that all this nude dream means is I don’t want my life to be exposed to my parents anymore, that this is something new I have to explore alone. I find I’m still dreaming and think that this must be very important so I should keep going.

Emily – Meeting an Older Version of Myself in Lucid DreamingMeeting an Older Version of Myself

I’m in a store looking for some clothes. I look at all the clothes that they have on the different shelves. I look at them calmly, quietly, peacefully. I am choosing different pieces, when I find a very nice gray sweater, a skirt, and some lovely stockings. I take my outfit to the counter to pay. At this point I became lucid in the dream, thinking, ‘In waking life I have no time for shopping calmly, or for buying clothes, so this is a dream.’

Pilar Vallet – Bringing Dream Signs Back To Waking Life in Lucid DreamingBringing Dream Signs Back To Waking Life

I was at the Doctor’s in my dream and the Doctor was talking to me about the tablets I’m on but he kept repeating himself. At this point, I realised I was dreaming and the first thing I wanted to do was fly, so I looked at the window and decided to jump straight through it.

Chris Bakewell – My First Lucid Dream in Lucid DreamingMy First Lucid Dream

I was in bank. They told me to visit another branch. I was about to exit when I saw my dreamsign; a familiar room. I became lucid. I took an elevator and went to the 2nd floor. It was dark; like the chamber where humans were put in liquid tanks in the Matrix movie. Two guys attacked me and I started falling from the 2nd floor.

Avis – Matrix Movie Moves  in Lucid DreamingMatrix Movie Moves

I was dreaming that I was in my sister’s house out in the suburbs of El Paso, Tx. I was seeing her house. It was kind of like the same one she lives in, but this one was new and bigger. Outside the window I saw it was raining, so I told my sister, ‘Let’s leave before the storm gets here.’ When we were leaving I saw the sky was dark, a very huge dark storm was heading our way. I kind of felt the cloud carry something else.

Jose Sanchez – The Key is Inside of Us in Lucid DreamingThe Key is Inside of Us

I had my first lucid dream about two years ago and have had about 40 since. In this specific dream, I was boating on crystal clear water on a beautiful sunny day. Colors were vivid, and ripples sparkled in the sun. Initially, I thought I was off the coast of Maui, where I had snorkeled the previous month. When I realized the rocky coastline represented some unfamiliar location, I became lucid.

Laurance – Chanting “Hu” in Lucid DreamingChanting “Hu”

I’m lying, mostly unclothed, across a concrete frame around a plot of dirt a few feet in diameter at night on a deserted city street. It’s dark and I’m aware of my reclining position where I straddle the street and the plot of earth, which also has the consistency of moist sand. I begin to crawl onto it, intending to make myself comfortable on it like a bed and go to sleep when I realize this is not something I would normally do, that there’s something strange going on…

Maria Isabel Pita – The Mummy – Searching for X Dream 3 in Lucid Dreaming The Mummy - Searching for X Dream 3

It had been quite a weekend full of partying, drinking, arguments with my partner and, well, more drinking (I´m a junior in college….a struggling Junior in college). My sleep-deprived body ached for some rest and I was not obeying, not on Thursday or Friday nor Saturday, and Sunday was no exception. Finally it was time to crash down and prepare myself for the upcoming work week and of course, for the inevitable hang over I was about to experience.

Phoenix Mendoza – Third Time´s the Charm in Lucid Dreaming Third Time´s the Charm

In August of 2010, I received a lucid dream task via email from an IASD forum user working on his own pet dream project. Lucid dreams are rare for me and this was an attempt to spur some activity; however, months passed without success and I eventually forgot about the task. Over a year had transpired when I came across the original email, and this new exposure must have planted a seed that spawned the following lucid dream episode shortly thereafter:

Rick M – Lucid Dream Task in Lucid DreamingLucid Dream Task

und myself alone in a mostly-empty room that resembled a storage area in an old factory. Nothing in particular triggered my lucidity. As far as I can recall, the dream began in this room and I was immediately lucid. While I considered what to do next, I decided to confirm my lucidity by pushing my hand through the floor. I often perform this type of test with the onset of lucidity. I crouched down toward the floor, which was made of wood boards. I pressed my right hand into the floor with ease.

Kevin Healey – Reaching Through Time in Lucid DreamingReaching Through Time?