As a voice hearer, I have struggled most of my life trying to make sense of my experiences. I‘ve had doctors tell me that I have psychosis and then after years of therapy and medication they‘ve turned around and said that actually they have no idea what ‘disorder’ or ‘condition’ I have.

Maxwell Hunter – The Voices  in Lucid DreamingThe Voices

I was trying to perform WILD, but ended up on my side and went into sleep instead. This was at work where I had to respond to an alarm call so it was hard to remember everything when I later sat down to write it out.

Anders Auke – Multiple Lucid Dreams in a Row: Staying Aware Between Dreams with Help from Dream Characters in Lucid DreamingMultiple Lucid Dreams in a Row: Staying Aware Between Dreams with Help from Dream Characters 

I have forgotten the beginning of this dream. The first thing I remember is Mami and I driving back to where it all took place. I pull up and park in front of one of several white garage doors with brown trims on the bottom. I hit one with the car, and it swings back a little. The car then begins drifting backward. Even though I floor the brake, it won’t stop. I think—Damn it, I should have more control. I simply decide to go along with it as the vehicle drifts backward onto a long white pier.

Maria Isabel Pita – The Tower of Dream Characters in Lucid DreamingThe Tower of Dream Characters

It all began with me in a ‘normal dream’ with my dog. We were in my bedroom and I noticed he was acting very strange, barking and barking and generally gong mental and aggressive! I picked him up quite annoyed and was going to bring him out to the garden to let him cool off when I noticed that something was ‘off’ in the garden. I don‘t often become lucid in this way, but I became fully and immediately aware of the dream state. That wonderful feeling came over me, that almost alien feeling of reality and power.

Laurence Bourke – Becoming Lucid  in Lucid DreamingBecoming Lucid

My eyes just opened. I was in my mother‘s front room on a couch. (There is no couch in that room.) I knew I was lucid, knew I was dreaming. The brightness of the room was incredible.

Katie – Dream Eyes Opened in Lucid Dreaming Dream Eyes Opened

There was a large, balding man trying to break into my house. I pulled out a handgun and yelled at the burglar to leave, but he was insistent, continuing to rattle on the doors and attempting to climb through windows, despite my angry threats. I pulled the trigger, shooting him in the arm. As the burglar held his arm in pain, I ran upstairs and called the police.

Payne – The Underground Cave  in Lucid DreamingThe Underground Cave

I had five to six lucid dreams in a row [ed.’s note: we have published Anders’ final two dreams]. In waking reality I was sleeping in a hotel, and was doing a lot of relaxing, meditation and energy exercises. These dreams felt like peeling layers of myself back like an onion. I was lucid in between the dreams and felt that dream characters were helping me attaining my awareness.

Anders Auke – Fighting Death in Lucid Dreaming Fighting Death

…during a regular, nonlucid dream I realize that I am dreaming. I remember that in the waking world I had been reading a book about Zen meditation. The part I had been reading was about the nature of the mind. I decide to pursue the subject while in the dream world.

Steve Racicot – Nature of the Mind in Lucid DreamingNature of the Mind

I had recently attended the International Academy of Consciousness’s Core Development Programme course, which is geared towards OBE’s and how to induce them. I was having a lie-in one morning at the weekend and in a dream, I meet my mum in a shopping centre or trade fare kind of environment:

Sam Gandy – Trigger via Family Non-Recognition in Lucid Dreaming Trigger via Family Non-Recognition

In a previous post I mentioned how I had used lucid dreaming to help me make sense of my experiences as a voice hearer. I had used lucid dreaming to talk to Scott, a friendly and supportive voice that I have (and in all honesty someone I consider my best friend) and I managed to get some very clear answers as to why I needed him. After speaking to Charlie on Skype I decided to do this with all the voices I experience starting with Darren.

Maxwell Hunter – Finding Darren in Lucid DreamingFinding Darren

5/20/2014 (pre-lucid to lucid) ‘. . . I go through the passageway to a backstage storage area, with the wife and assistant of a stage magician. . . We find a small wood medicine chest / alchemist‘s box. She wonders whether it seems a real alchemist‘s box, or just a prop or imitation. When I open it, I see the drawer has lots of little glass vials with antique metal tops, with powders inside. Evidence enough for the woman to identify it as a genuine alchemist‘s box. It reminds me of a homeopathic kit that my grandfather, a surgeon and a homeopath, gave my father when he went off to war in WWII.

Ed Kellogg – Tracked Down for a Lucid Dream Healing ©2014  in Lucid Dreaming Tracked Down for a Lucid Dream Healing ©2014

Initially had a normal dream. It was at night and I was in bed with my wife Lorraine in my old bedroom in stepmother Audrey’s farmhouse in Donnybrook. There were lots of people in the room as well as a Combi camper with a couple in it playing music and movies!

SKC – (Early morning) 5th Lucid Dream, Farm & Pool Scene in Lucid Dreaming(Early morning) 5th Lucid Dream, Farm & Pool Scene