Something is making me afraid. There are people around me and I realise I don’t want to suffer anymore, which triggers my lucidity. My intention was to consecrate my dream to the consciousness. I go outside, because for some reason I feel closer to the dream when I am outside, and say to the dream, “I offer this dream without any expectations, karmic fruits or consequences.” Than I wait for the acceptance of my offer.

Harald De Bondt – Celestial Boxer and The Voids in Lucid DreamingCelestial Boxer and The Voids

One night I kept repeating, “I will remember my dreams.” Then I dreamed my friend Jarl and I wound up in another world. We were in someone else’s house. It looked normal but I knew we were on another planet or we had time traveled somehow.

Ken Garcia – Bring This Picture Back in Lucid Dreaming Bring This Picture Back

Steve (my husband) and I drive up to a crowded place similar to a house in our neighborhood where there is going to be a Buddhist event. A woman we have taken there tells us that people will be going naked to this event and, also, that people will have to write papers about a certain Tibetan lama.

Anna Racicot – Praying for Forgiveness in Lucid DreamingPraying for Forgiveness

I’m in an old house or hotel. There are others here, but I think they are squatters, not guests. I walk into a room where a homeless man is lying on the hardwood floor, seemingly asleep. The room is unfurnished except for a mirror.

Lucy Gillis – The Mirror and the Unexpected Music in Lucid DreamingThe Mirror and the Unexpected Music

In a room in my house (that does not have a mirror), I find myself looking at a mirror over a bureau. Looking at my reflection I notice my hair is a few inches long.

Shawn Selders – Distant Music Beyond A Field in Lucid DreamingDistant Music Beyond A Field

The first time I saw my reflection in a lucid dream, it happened spontaneously while I was on a mission to meet with my deceased grandmother and dog. I had just called upon the awareness behind the dream to help me in the task, like Robert Waggoner suggests, and a golden clad lady had appeared that gave me two grape seeds, one for each of the souls I wanted to meet.

Alina Lilova – The Birdcage in the Looking Glass in Lucid DreamingThe Birdcage in the Looking Glass

My mother and I drove past Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant. I asked if we could stop for fries and my mom said yes. We got fries to go and I ate them in the car on our way to Trader Joe’s.

Jack (Age 11) – Trader Joe’s in Lucid DreamingTrader Joe's

I’m attending a fraternity reunion on a large cruise ship. I’m hanging with some brothers and an older VIP. I sneak away and decide to head to my room. I’m now walking up a hall toward the guest rooms.

Mike Porter – Lucid Mirror Observation at the Reunion in Lucid DreamingLucid Mirror Observation at the Reunion

In the evening I decided that I want to experiment with how mirrors work in a lucid dream: I was in my grandmother’s home. I was walking a hallway corridor that was a bit darkly lit. This place was, at the time, a quite regular dream sign to me so I became lucid and remembered my goal.

Olli Erjanti – Mirror Experiment in Lucid DreamingMirror Experiment

Most of my lucid dreams start in bed in the same position I went to sleep. This is because I perform WILD and after the usual buzzing sounds and body vibrations, I wake up in the dream that way.

Gustavo Vieira – Talking to My Reflected Self in Lucid Dreaming Talking to My Reflected Self

This was a really rare kind of dream where I actually look at myself in a mirror.

I can’t remember how it all started, but there is a part where I am walking through a hallway in a semi-dark house, or some indoor area at least.

Otters – I Swear Off Mirrors in Lucid DreamingI Swear Off Mirrors

This happened when I was 17 or 18, roughly in mid-summer of 2013 while I was on vacation with my family, taking place in a less than comfortable bunk bed and sandy sheets (seemingly unavoidable in the hotel near the beach).

d.was – This Must Be a DreamThis Must Be a Dream