I am in my darkened bedroom, lucid from the start. I leap through a wall and fly over treetops in daylight. I say aloud, “Here we go….” I keep flying in one direction and see some fish swim by (right to left) through the air in front of me. I look at my hands, which look perfectly normal. I pause and hover in one spot, which seems to be about 20 feet high.

Shawn Selders – Clouds And Moon Below in Lucid DreamingClouds And Moon Below

I dreamt I was at my paternal grandmother’s house. (She is deceased in real life). I went out the back door and went to my car. It was a silver car. I was excited and semi-lucid in that I thought I got a new car. When I looked along the side and saw that it was dented and rusted in spots, I was disappointed that it wasn’t a nicer car.

Danna B – Thermonuclear Scientist in Lucid DreamingThermonuclear Scientist

I find myself walking along in a pristine Eden-like valley, when it hits me: This is a dream. My experiment at this time is to explore the possibility of communicating with some form of discarnate entity. I call out to the sky, “Show me a spirit!”

Nathan Riddell – Show Me a Spirit in Lucid DreamingShow Me a Spirit!

Walking in an unfamiliar room, I came upon an old chest and opened its curved hood to see an assortment of items wrapped in dusty old newspaper. Picking a round object, I unwrapped its contents to reveal a hefty paperweight. It was made primarily of clear glass with a green translucent orb in the center. Thinking to  myself, “Gee, another dream about glass,” this comment sparked lucidity.

RickM – Be Careful What You Wish For in Lucid DreamingBe Careful What You Wish For

One of the most fascinating applications of lucid dreaming for me has been the opportunity to have a glimpse beyond my restricted personal life in one body. In this dream recorded on Dec. 11, 2015, I am entering my childhood house and see on my left many small matryoshka dolls (or dolls nested within a larger doll) and a somewhat bigger white handbag on the table.

Ave – Pulling Down The Veils in Lucid DreamingPulling Down The Veils

I watch pictures portraying scenes of non-existing episodes of an anime show (DBZ). As the last pictures envelope my field of vision, I find myself in a colorful Asian garden. Suddenly I hear a strong, whiny, hissing sound. The scene becomes gray and cold.

Harald – The Missed Dragon in Lucid DreamingThe Missed Dragon

I’m strolling along a beach when a thought enters my mind, “Why walk when you can FLY?!” One second later I am fully lucid and flying. Further down the beach, I’m challenged by a young man. “Let’s see if you are really lucid,” he says. I understand that I am about to be tested.

AJ Baltazar – The Universe Within in Lucid DreamingThe Universe Within