It was a night of fascinating, other-world dreams involving deceased individuals. Although only memory remnants lingered into my waking consciousness, the dreams clearly had a different feel from the usual. In the first one, I briefly remembered interacting with the seer Edgar Cayce as well as my deceased father, a political science professor who died several years ago.

Laurance Johnston – Lincoln’s Suicide in Lucid DreamingLincoln’s Suicide

I’m having a dream and remember a dream sign. I then look at my hands and say, “Lucidity now!” The next thing I know I’m seeing a spectacular stormy sky with vivid colors and swirling clouds. I think I’m seeing space craft blinking on an off and appear to be blinking in and out.

Paul Sauers – The Alien Encounter Dream in Lucid DreamingThe Alien Encounter Dream

Toward the end of a quite amazing lucid dream, I found myself in a seemingly native village in the mountains of South America. I went into one of the houses, where suddenly a girl appeared and pulled me into a small back room and closed the door.

Avivit Revah – Sleep Lab in Lucid DreamingSleep Lab

There is something beyond words about this state of consciousness I’ve been experiencing that is simultaneously integrated in the dream and waking reality. I recently woke up briefly from a normal dream. I was not very conscious and, knowing I’d fall back asleep and dream again, I attempted to maintain consciousness as I fell back asleep. I fell asleep but I kept waking up as I tried to sleep from hearing noises in the house:

Johnny Hanson – Existential Crisis in Lucid DreamingExistential Crisis

I am at a house and I want to go to Walgreens to get some antacids. I expect the Walgreens to be in a small strip mall around the corner from the house I am at. I start out on a bicycle. I almost get caught in mud on the way out of the yard. There is small strip mall around the corner, but no Walgreens.

Jim Feichtl – The Peninsula Book Club in Lucid DreamingThe Peninsula Book Club

(Solving a problem/resolve a bad dreaming situation: I had this type of dream recur numerous times.)

I am out walking and become aware that I am being followed. I walk faster, then begin to run. I don’t know who is behind me pursuing me, but I feel very threatened, alone and frightened.

Stephanie Brown – The Pursuit in Lucid DreamingThe Pursuit

I’m in some open woods, near a central clearing where the trees thin out somewhat, with my children: Betsy [one of our house rabbits] and four squirrels [in the dream I fully accept that these animals are my children and are representative of all of my real children – but there’s five of them not four?)].

Shaun St. Clair – Werewolf Awareness 2 in Lucid Dreaming Werewolf Awareness 2

This was an absolutely excellent, very vivid and real dream in which I experience lucidity and several forms of simultaneous awareness, including simultaneously experiencing the whole of the dream both in the first person and as an onlooker:

Shaun St. Clair – Werewolf Awareness 1 in Lucid DreamingWerewolf Awareness 1

My body is relaxed through the vibrations, apart from my physical little finger. As I move out of my body and float downwards, I can simultaneously feel the discomfort of my physical little finger. So I ignore the physical sensation and focus on my falling non-physical body.

Leigh Hammond – A Million Souls in Lucid DreamingA Million Souls

I have had a variety of lucid dreams, and all seem spiritual to me. In one, I dreamed I was at a bar with a friend. I do drink but not in bars and something seemed unusual to me which triggered the realization that I was dreaming.

Maynard Reich – God’s Love for You in Lucid DreamingGod’s Love for You

This dream begins with me and my late brother Andy washing a small white mop type of dog by a swimming pool in a suburban backyard. The dog gets away from me and begins running around the yard and is joined by another small dog, a Corgi or maybe a Jack Russell.

Tom McMillan – Dog Dream in Lucid DreamingDog Dream

In this dream, a deceased friend brings me an enigmatic message:

I see a good friend. I’m delighted to see her and remember she had died several years ago. This means that I am dreaming. I greet her warmly.

Steve Racicot – The New Line School in Lucid DreamingThe New Line School