I have had about a dozen lucid dreams this past month. I‘ve done a lot of flying in my lucid dreams. I would swim through the air sometimes, and then fly like Superman in others. Sometimes I would take off in a lucid dream and then not be able to direct where I was going. With practice though, I have developed better flight control and this does not happen much anymore.

George M – Some Lucid Dreaming ExperiencesSome Lucid Dreaming Experiences

I lay down and said to myself, ‘Tonight while I‘m sleeping I will become conscious that I am dreaming,’ and faded off to sleep. That very same night I discovered what is, by far, one of the most awesome realities in life!

Alex – My First Lucid Dream in Lucid DreamingMy First Lucid Dream

I was woken up from a lucid dream. I knew this because I had been doing it my whole life but, it had never lasted this long before. The dream started off with me having the ability to move objects with my mind.

Samantha – Flying Lucid Dream: X-Men Edition in Lucid DreamingFlying Lucid Dream: X-Men Edition

I appeared to be in a brightly coloured kitchen which had a very cartoon-like appearance. There was another woman in the kitchen with me and we both began to question this cartoon-like appearance. At this point I realised I was dreaming.

Tom Folan – I’m Magically and Mysteriously There in Lucid DreamingI'm Magically and Mysteriously There

In waking life, I have had highway driving fear for several years due to a bad accident almost 20 years ago. I recently stopped going on highways and this has interfered with my life. Feeling shameful and only recently admitting it. I have tried different therapies, EMDR and now exposure therapy – with a therapist in the car with me.

Sharon Pastore – Driving Dreams in Lucid DreamingDriving Dreams

Upon falling asleep, I visualize a river. At this point I am lucid. I float on a raft going down the river. Green forestry surrounds me. I ask out loud, “Where does this river lead to?” A great booming voice that I know is a reflection of myself answers: “This river doesn‘t lead to anywhere.

Mitchell Tutins – Only The Now Exists in Lucid DreamingOnly The Now Exists 

a lovely day and I’ve walked halfway down our long curving black driveway, which is surrounded by trees in full summer leaf. After I take care of some private ritual business off to the side in the grass, I begin walking slowly back up the driveway toward the house. Everything feels absolutely real, more vividly sensual than normal; even the slightly rough texture of the black asphalt beneath my bare feet tempts me to lie down on it and experience its unique sensation more intimately.

Maria Isabel Pita – Asking My Father About His Life on the Other Side  in Lucid DreamingAsking My Father About His Life on the Other Side

As I lay in my bed asleep, I feel the strange, yet familiar, sensation of turning and feeling a massive sense of energy buzzing through my body. I have done some research, and suddenly I realize, ‘I am asleep! This means I can have a lucid dream!’ I‘m excited, but I stay focused.

Jillian Brunner – My First Successful Lucid Dream in Lucid DreamingMy First Successful Lucid Dream

I was riding on a public transportation bus with a friend. Riding with us was a Jewish woman in her late thirties or early forties with her older teenage son who appeared to be about 18 or 19 years old. Both the woman and her son were good-looking people. They were looking for a synagogue.

Alex – Aware Dream Figures in Lucid DreamingAware Dream Figures

This was my first time becoming lucid. I woke up at around 6:00 AM and went back to bed. By around 6:30 AM my mind was wandering. I believe I was thinking of a beach and it was the first time that visualization actually worked for me. I heard and felt the dream (although I don’t think I was actually sleeping at this point) and then I told myself, “I’m dreaming.” I almost lost the dream a few times from the excitement.

Cassandra Pegg – First Lucid!  in Lucid DreamingFirst Lucid!

I find myself in a giant room of bounty hunters. Upon seeing my brother in the midst of the bounty hunters, lucidity hits me. I try to grasp the feeling of lucidity by rubbing my hands together and telling my brother that I am in a dream, which he doesn‘t believe. To prove my point, I pull a gun from my pocket and shoot up, causing an uproar among the community of bounty hunters.

Mitchell Tutins – The Birth of Myself in Lucid DreamingThe Birth of Myself

I am with my friend Erin in California and we’re in a car, she’s driving. I am dimly aware that I’m dreaming but not fully. It‗s the 1920s and someone tells me there are a painting and a statue of me here. I want to find them.

Katy Curtis – Rediscovering Powerful Art Objects in Lucid DreamingRediscovering Powerful Art Objects