I was walking in my dream. There was a horse coming toward me. I climbed on his back and suddenly we were flying over every obstacle in the street. We flew over the houses, the walls, anything. It was sensational! At the moment I climbed onto its back, I knew I was dreaming.

 Rdb – Eusabius in Lucid DreamingEusabius

It is night and I am looking inside through the lit doorway of my old art studio. I am surprised to see that there are many unknown people in the bright interior of the studio, then I remember that I no longer own the studio. I go around the side of the house to the garden and see two huge snakes writhing in violent battle, biting each other. I am shocked and suddenly become lucid. In fear, and to get out of the way, I jump onto the roof of the house.

Carole Lindberg – The Rationalizer in Lucid DreamingThe Rationalizer

s night. My wife is driving us downtown in our car. Up ahead, we see a police officer standing in the middle of the road holding up a large sign. He‘s warning us of a manhunt for a killer and we should be careful. We drive on and turn up an alley. I look at a parking lot on my right and see the killer standing there holding a shotgun. I suddenly realize the cops would not allow us to pass if there was a real manhunt. This must be a dream! I am now lucid.

Mike Porter – Meeting An Ascended Master in Lucid Dreaming Meeting An Ascended Master

It started as a typical dream, I was roaming the streets of some city with three women I felt I knew very well. At some point while we were walking I stopped and looked at the women and suddenly realized I might be dreaming and became lucid. This time, for whatever reason, I was feeling inquisitive – I wanted to know where I was and how this dream stuff works, so I asked…

Kalah M Simpson –  “We are Not of the Universe” in Lucid Dreaming“We are Not of the Universe”

I am at a golf course as part of a tournament. I have arrived at the course very early. My tee time is 1:04. Suddenly I am out playing the first hole with someone else before the tournament actually starts. I am not sure who the other person is and even though we are walking and hitting shots we never seem to reach the first green.

Jim Feichtl – Tee Time in Lucid DreamingTee Time

I took a break from working on this issue of the LDE to take a short nap and found myself in a series of spontaneous lucid dreams—no doubt inspired by all the dreams I’d just been formatting. In one dream:

Janet Mast – Merry-Go-Lucid in Lucid DreamingMerry-Go-Lucid

I wake up lying in the middle of a large empty intersection or grand city square. The ground is nearly the same color as my naked body, a soft rosy flesh tone. As I sit up, I know I have “woken up” in a lucid dream. Content and full of wonder, I look around me.

Maria Isabel Pita – Interior Castle in Lucid DreamingInterior Castle

After a couple of lucid dreams of just wandering around, I remember my dream goal of wanting to meet my brain. I’m in apartments by the beach somewhere downtown in a city. I’m in an area of the building that’s like a lounge area.

Illucid305 – Healing Hands in Lucid DreamingHealing Hands

Just a few nights after having my most elaborate lucid dream, the night after quitting smoking cigarettes, I had another lucid dream, where I had lucid dream sex for my first time.

Johnny Hanson – Lucid Dream Within DreamLucid Dream Within Dream

I’m walking down a tree-lined country road. There is a large fallow farm field to my left and a beautiful blue sky. The colors are striking. As I am gazing up at the sky two gray, winged elephants slowly fly across my field of vision. I think, “That’s odd, this must be a dream,” so I try leaping up. I begin flying and realize I am in a dream.

Jim Feichtl – Elephants, Horses and Dogs in Lucid DreamingElephants, Horses and Dogs

In the dream, I was walking through a parking lot on a bright, sunny day and saw a large gathering of people. Moving closer, I spotted an old business associate giving them a presentation. He was smiling as he talked, looking very confident, and his audience seemed engaged.

RickM – A Test of Faith in Lucid DreamingA Test of Faith

This dream began in a luxurious mansion with spacious and uniquely-designed modern rooms. There was a living room that had a long sweep of windows, each with a grid of tiny glass panes that let in a gorgeous yellow light. A young woman appeared and said that she lived in the upstairs apartment which had an ocean view. I felt a touch of jealousy.

S. Mayer – Dream School, Mirror Play & Teen Avatars in Lucid DreamingDream School, Mirror Play & Teen Avatars