I am in a house with another. The house is familiar in this dream but not in reality or any other dream I am aware of. I KNEW I was dreaming when the lights did not come on when I flipped the switches. I went to prove it by looking at my hand but it was a bit dark to really see my hand in detail.

Christine Hutchings – First Real Lucid Dream in Lucid DreamingFirst Real Lucid Dream

I dreamed that I was at an old house with a few people that I didn’t know. There was a woman with me who had black hair and milky white skin. We were sitting on a recliner together having drinks.

Jesse H – Intricate and Complex Geometry in Lucid Dreaming Intricate and Complex Geometry

In my dream I became aware that I was in a cave with a woman standing next to me. I felt myself to be about 23, and she seemed to be a couple of years older and felt more experienced with the cave.

Mike S – Cave Scenes in Lucid DreamingCave Scenes

I am travelling. I’m in a medieval city. The city is under some form of attack. People are seeking refuge, gathered under thresholds for protection. The danger passes. I need to get back to my hotel for my luggage but I can’t remember its name or location.

Ileana Lartigue – The Lighthouse, An Inner Self Connection in Lucid DreamingThe Lighthouse, An Inner Self Connection

I was trying to stay awake to answer my boyfriend’s phone call. (He’s in Boulder, CO and I’m in London so he often calls around my 12/1 a.m.) I slipped into a lucid space in between dream and reality and was still in bed.

Lana Sackwild – OBE Adventure in Lucid DreamingOBE Adventure

I am having an ordinary sort of dream in which my husband and I have bought a car and we have gone to pick it up. I realize that I’ve bought it without driving it first and I am worried. It’s an electric Prius and I had thought it was almost new and in great shape but when we get there to pick it up it won’t start.

Marla L. Charbonneau – Resolution of Grief Dream in Lucid DreamingResolution of Grief Dream

This lucid dream was over an hour long and I was lucid from the start. Here is most of what I recall:

I’m outside at a college campus. There are many people around. I leave the ground and fly low and backwards to see the reactions of the people I fly past. I look for pretty girls.

Shawn Selders – A Building Takes Off in Lucid DreamingA Building Takes Off

I had just read in Robert Waggoner’s book the section on addressing the awareness behind the dream. I went to bed that night and had the following dream:

I am in a boat on a waterway next to a little town.

Kristin Lang – “Freeze” in Lucid Dreaming“Freeze”

About a year ago I had been practicing lucid dreaming and tried to have one every night. I only had a few, but there is one that will always stand out to me:

I walked onto a bus or subway car with a bunch of people; they looked like college students.

Danielle – The Happy Bus Man in Lucid DreamingThe Happy Bus Man

This lucid dream happened over 20 years ago, shortly after my father had passed away. During his dying moments, I had promised him that I would lucid dream visit him in my dreams. Sadly, he could not communicate with me due to the pain and seriousness of his illness.

Leigh Hammond – Reunion in Lucid DreamingReunion

It was a heavy period of my life. My shamanic teacher had just died, and my family had fallen apart just two weeks before. Not living with my children was hard. I lived at a friend’s place for one month, while looking for a new place to live. We were both students of the same shaman, the one who just recently died.

Torstein – I Am an Eagle in Lucid DreamingI Am an Eagle!

I would like to talk about two lucid dreams that are connected, involving the dream portal. The dream portal is where I draw a door with my fingers and walk through to another place.

Megan Handel – The Dream Portal in Lucid DreamingThe Dream Portal