Went right into the dream from waking after about 5 minutes of mind clearing, then repeating “This is a dream, I am dreaming.” The first few minutes felt sloppy. I was in my old room and Freddy had come and jumped on the bed to snuggle only his presence felt more human than cat.

Richie Reeplay – Dee Old School Run in Lucid DreamingDee Old School Run

I find myself in a house, which I sense is filled with loved ones and a few other people I’m close to. I’m engaged in an activity I can’t remember now. I hear someone arrive at the front door, which is concealed behind the wall of a small entrance foyer behind me. I can’t interrupt what I’m doing, so I urge Mami – who drifts toward the door reluctantly in a long pale nightgown – to let the person in. I suffer a twinge of guilt at making her do this, because I know it’s Papi at the door, and that she’s afraid of the nightmares my dream encounters with him might give her.

Maria Isabel Pita – Another Talk With Papi in Lucid DreamingAnother Talk With Papi

I had been trying to actively induce OBE’s, and in a dream I suddenly became lucid. At the time I was flying over some countryside, over some fields. There was no apparent trigger, I just knew it was a dream. During the dream I stated, “I wish to have a fully conscious out of body experience.” Instantly the dream imploded into blackness.

Sam Gandy – Flying Dream/Near Projection in Lucid DreamingFlying Dream/Near Projection

I’m in a hotel-like room with a large window. The overall color scheme is a gray/blue. I’m eating a sandwich, and I wonder if I can go through the window while eating the sandwich. I either fly or walk to the window and pass through it without resistance. I’m in the air over some water, and I know I’m dreaming, although I do not have ecstasy, and I’m not saying out loud that I am dreaming.

Keith Bare – Flying With and Without Planes in Lucid DreamingFlying With and Without Planes

I‘ve been traveling, either with friends or I‘ve met them somewhere. We‘re in a large complex like a convention centre/hotel. Several people are milling around, mostly strangers. I talk mostly with R and D – we all seem very busy; there is a lot of activity going on.

Lucy Gillis – Travelling Through Multiple Realities in Lucid DreamingTravelling Through Multiple Realities

I’m with a group of people, all of us running, escaping a threat. I have a sense of being in a forest, and then coming upon what I imagine must be the entrance to a pitch-black cave. I pause there, becoming semi-lucid as someone walks confidently in ahead of me even though we can’t see a thing. And yet I sense an opening ahead of us, a low, long crack in the back wall leading deeper into the mountain, a place of refuge. To my right, a pair of men are discussing the shells of old cars that have been here a very long time. In a flash of light, I glimpse them for a moment, still intact, but burned out, lifeless. We pass the inert vehicles, walking through the pitch-black darkness toward an exit that is also an entrance.

Maria Isabel Pita – Dream Underground in Lucid DreamingDream Underground

This was my second lucid dream. This time I had an agenda and when I “woke up” in my dream, I said that I wanted to go to the Moon and check out all the structures there. I know that we are not alone, but I wanted to see what was there.

Brendan Moran – Atmospheric Entities in Lucid DreamingAtmospheric Entities

I “woke up” in my dream, knew I was dreaming and decided that I wanted to experiment to see where I could go in my dream. I remember my mind filling up with ideas of traveling to the moon or Area 51 to see the UFOs they have there, but I settled on a simple experiment. I told myself, “Let’s start off simple” and see where this goes.

Brendan Moran – Starting Off Simple in Lucid DreamingStarting Off Simple

Lucid, I am with M at what is supposed to be our Grandmother‘s place. For some reason, we know that we are not supposed to be there. The area seems to overlap with another culture, in another reality. I start to go upstairs. It’s filthy. The stairs are full of debris, it‘s hard to get up through it. I pull myself over stuff and move things out of my way as I look around.

“Girls” From Another Reality in Lucid Dreaming“Girls” From Another Reality

Basically, I am climbing this beautiful tree and it felt so whimsical and light that I felt immediately I was dreaming and I became lucid. I wondered at the beauty of the dreamscape, so alive and vibrant with colors… and I suddenly remembered that I could meet an extraterrestrial. I felt a strong sense of confidence that I could make contact, that even if I felt fear and didn‘t know what to do that I was not going to let it stop me.

Aluna – ET Encounter Lucid Dream Remembrance From the Dream Deep Infinity in Lucid DreamingET Encounter Lucid Dream Remembrance From the Dream Deep Infinity

I‘m standing on a bridge and realize that I‘m dreaming. As I consider things, I remember a goal that I wished to explore in lucid dreams. I then speak out loud: ‘Show me an experience of full liberation!’

Marlise – Show Me Full Liberation in Lucid DreamingShow Me Full Liberation

In my dream I know that I am dreaming. I turn to my left and see a beautiful woman’s face. Her face is an emerald green colour and she has a long thin feather pierced through her nose in the style of New Guinea headhunters. Her features are more Anglo-Saxon than native New Guinean though. A good vibrational feeling emanates from her. I feel myself begin to awaken.

Steve Racicot – Wild Green Spirit Woman in Lucid DreamingWild Green Spirit Woman