Steve Racicot – Dream Experience
Flows Into Waking in Lucid Dreaming

I know that I’m sleeping, but there are no dream images—only darkness. Since I am lucid, I create a door in the darkness in front of me, open it, and head down a long tunnel with the intention that I will get to the source from which my life comes. I feel a fire-like warmth burning on top of my head. I feel great speed.

But wait, I think, why am I headed out? I get the feeling I should be headed IN—into my heart. Turning about, I hold that intention and head back within. Again I’m moving at great speed. “What is the source?” I keep asking aloud.

I awaken in bed holding my beloved Anna. I really have awakened, yet I seem to be in some kind of altered state of consciousness. I feel heat around our hearts. It is as though there is a sphere of heat with our hearts inside it. This sphere feels blue in colour. Then, even though I’m awake, I see this sphere and it is blue. I feel a flood of love for Anna. I hear my heart beating loudly in my ears. After a long time of lying there holding Anna, I finally get up and write this poem:

This I Know
God is here now
In the drumbeat of my heart
God is here now
In the embrace of my Beloved