Lucid Dreaming Techniques abyss in lucid dreaming

Crossing The Abyss

By Hayden Ebert © 2013 Entering the Lucid Dream State by Harnessing the Magical Power of Intent   Throughout my life I have had an intense interest in exploring the capabilities of our consciousness. This journey has taken me on some amazing adventures to dimensions of reality that are hidden just beyond the veil of…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles pocket compass in lucid dreaming

Am I Dreaming?

By Maria Carla Cernuto © 2014 When I was a teenager, I would carry around a dream totem in my pocket.   This odd item took many shapes over the years – an old 9mm bullet, a 25 cent plastic monkey, a pocket compass. What the item was didn’t matter as much as the function…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles kaleidoscope in lucid dreaming

The Girl with Kaleidoscope I’s

By Lucy Gillis © 2015 That was the question posed for the LDE winter edition theme. This rather broad question was further refined by a subset of more specific questions regarding topics like dual awareness, shapeshifting, and multiple simultaneous dreaming, and how these experiences have affected your state of awareness. Scanning through my dream journals,…

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