Lucid Dreaming Articles drinking coffee in a cafe in lucid dreaming

Getting Out of the Rut

By Nathan Garnett © 2017 I’m outside at a cafe having a rich cup of coffee, enjoying a crisp morning. I’m not sure why I’m here or how I got here, but I ignore that for now and start thinking about my plans for the day. I can’t really think of anything I have to…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles boy learning to fly in lucid dreaming

My First Flying Lucid Dream

Copyright Joseph Kemeny © 2017 My first attempt at flying during a lucid dream occurred during what I now believe was a wake induced lucid dream (WILD). At the time that it happened, I was attempting to initiate an out-of-body experience and had never heard of “lucid dreaming.” After reading Robert Monroe’s book, Far Journeys,…

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