Lucid Dreaming Articles Alien Encounters, Lucid Dreams, and OBEs

Alien Encounters, Lucid Dreams, and OBEs

By  Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. © 2015 Throughout recorded history, people have recounted experiences of encountering non-human beings, or even of finding themselves abducted by them. For most of this time people identified such beings as supernatural, for example, in Celtic countries specifically as the Sidhe (fairies), and more generically as spirits, demons, or gods. In…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles old man in suit in lucid dreaming

The Awareness Behind the Dream

In 1985 after ten years of lucid dreaming, I had a mini-epiphany after an unexpected conversation in a lucid dream. In the dream, I approached an elderly dream figure in a three-piece suit and lucidly asked him, “Excuse me, what do you represent?” Nothing prepared me for what happened next. Instead of the dream figure…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles

Lucid Dreaming for Health and Healing

By Dr. Clare Johnson © 2017 Maybe you only have occasional lucid dreams, or perhaps you’re already a frequent lucid dreamer. But have you ever wondered how you can become even more lucid? Are you intrigued about the possibility of “lucid dreaming while awake?” This is what we do when we engage in “Lucid Dreamplay”—we…

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