Lucid Dreaming How To Guides

A New Dimension of Medicine

By Brian Stanton © 2015 Several months ago, I retreated to my parents‘ cabin in West Virginia to heal myself. I‘d been leveled by a foodborne illness and had the stitches to prove it. Eight of them framed my right eyebrow where, weakened by the bug, I‘d hit the bathroom floor with tremendous force. You…

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Lucid Dreaming How To Guides woman watching her reflection on an old mirror in lucid dreaming

LDE Lucid Dreaming Challenge

By Ed Kellogg (© E. W. Kellogg III, Ph.D.) (This feature presents cutting-edge lucid dreaming tasks. Participants agree to accept personal responsibility for any risks should they choose to undertake challenges, which may bring about mental, emotional, and even physical changes. We invite those of you who try these tasks to send your dream reports…

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