Lucid Dreaming Articles dwarves in lucid dreaming

The Dwarf Guide

By Josh Langley © 2014 For a long time I‘ve had a burning question about guidance and a strong desire to make contact with a guide of some sort. Whenever I asked to meet a guide in a lucid dream or OBE I‘d either get no response or I‘d wake up quickly and feel really…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles war of 1812 in lucid dreaming

War of 1812

By Alexander © 2016 Wow! Began relaxation at 10 AM by 11:05, I have not succeeded. I got up for a little bit and lay down again to keep trying to induce OBE. I finally began to hear the ‘tea kettle wisps’ of frequency static. After honing in on the frequency static, making it stay…

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