Simultaneous Dreaming and the Lucidity Advantage

By Lucy Gillis © 2012 WTF Was That?!   I first encountered simultaneous dreaming in 1988. It completely blew my mind! I had never experienced anything like it before and was at a loss for an explanation. I had been in two dreams at the same time but not only that, I was lucidly aware…

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Do You See What I See?

By Lucy Gillis © 2013 A brief selection of lucid dreams from my dream journals in which dream figures and I do not perceive the same things in the same way. In the first dream, children, a friend, and I can see ‘Sasquatch-like‘ beings emerging from another reality, whereas adults can not; in the second,…

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Lucid Dreaming Techniques abyss in lucid dreaming

Crossing The Abyss

By Hayden Ebert © 2013 Entering the Lucid Dream State by Harnessing the Magical Power of Intent   Throughout my life I have had an intense interest in exploring the capabilities of our consciousness. This journey has taken me on some amazing adventures to dimensions of reality that are hidden just beyond the veil of…

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In Gratitude and Amazement

By Lucy Gillis © 2018 About 30 years ago, while reading a Seth book by Jane Roberts, I came across a section in which Seth said it was “quite possible to take your normally conscious ‘I’ into the dream state”1 — in other words, to be consciously aware that you were dreaming while you were dreaming.…

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