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Lucidly Exploring Delta Sleep

By Peter A. Luber © 2014 As lucid dreamers, we all recognize the importance of REM sleep to dreaming and we try to join it as precisely as we can during our lucid dreaming attempts, so that we can enjoy a lucid dream that lasts as long as the REM period itself. That‘s all good,…

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Lady Lucy Has Died

By Jo Harthan © 2017 I’ve been a dream journaller for almost thirty years and a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) since 2001. These facts are my credentials in the world of ‘normal’ dreaming. As for lucid dreaming, I’ve had both spontaneous and induced experiences, but in 2014 they…

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Creativity Inspired by Lucid Dreams

By Maria Isabel Pita © 2017 Lucid dreams inspire all kinds of creative responses from me in waking life. I’ve been lucid dreaming for over seven years, and have had hundreds of lucid dreams. My lucid dreaming experiences have dramatically changed my beliefs and my life, all for the better. I wrote a non-fiction book,…

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“Alexa, Replay my Dream”

By Daniel Oldis © 2017 Lucid dreamers have been communicating with the outside since the 1970’s. They have used their eyes and hands in the dream to send a “Hello” to all of us in the “real” world. Some have even attempted Morse code as a way to send a more detailed message from their…

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