Lucid Dreaming Articles music in lucid dreaming

The Use of Music in Dreams

By Gustavo Vieira © 2014 Hello LDE,   I am Gustavo Vieira, from Portugal and I want to share my experiences with using music in dreams. I have found music to have an important part in lucid dreaming. It can really help you have great experiences. I experienced some good things that I want to…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles silver shell in lucid dreaming

A Striking Lucid Dream

By Maria Carla Cernuto © 2014 The Challenge   Lying quietly in bed in a darkened motel room near the San Francisco airport, I kept repeating my psi dream intention: ‘Tonight I desire to experience and recall a dream that clearly presents the central image, or the one closest to the center, on the designated…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles heiroglyphs in lucid dreaming

Dreams: Hieroglyphs of the Unconscious

By Maria Isabel Pita © 2014 ‘Hieroglyphs are pictures used as signs in writing. Many depict living creatures or objects (and) some signs represent the object they depict… However, very few words are written in this way. Instead, hieroglyphic picture-signs are used to convey the sound (and meaning) of the ancient Egyptian language.’ From How…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles light in lucid dreaming

Bright White Light Lucid Dreams

By BJ Manning © 2009 This article is reprinted from Lucid Dream Exchange Magazine #51, 2009 My lucid healing dreams added another dimension to my quest for a cure. I had been going to doctors in western traditional and complementary medicine, naturopathic doctors, Chinese medicine practitioners, herbalists, and energy healers, with the hope to receive…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles dwarves in lucid dreaming

The Dwarf Guide

By Josh Langley © 2014 For a long time I‘ve had a burning question about guidance and a strong desire to make contact with a guide of some sort. Whenever I asked to meet a guide in a lucid dream or OBE I‘d either get no response or I‘d wake up quickly and feel really…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles moon in lucid dreaming

Full Blood Moon

By Maria Isabel Pita © 2014 Lucid Dream of April 15, 2014   I’m lying on my left side in a dark room looking at my reflection in a large mirror standing directly before me. I’m so comfortably lucid, I seem to actually be wake. I can see my reflected face quite clearly. It looks…

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Lucid Dreaming Interviews Robert Waggoner author of lucid dreaming books

Interview with Dawn Baumann Brunke

Photo by Ryan Brohm via Iowa State Daily   Lucid dreamer and author, Dawn Baumann Brunke, sent me an advance copy of her new book, Dreaming with Polar Bears. Interestingly, the book shares her dreams, lucid dreams and altered state interactions with the polar bear. Have you ever communicated with an animal while lucid dreaming?…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles top 10 lucid dreaming

My Top Ten Lucid Dreams

By Dr. Clare Johnson © 2017 1) Showing Off I am in the ocean at the rivers mouth. I am bobbing in the swells, watching waves wash up a path along the riverbank. I see K and two others stand up as they paddleboard towards me. I can feel a huge wave coming up from…

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