Olli Erjanti – Consciousness Behind My Dream in Lucid Dreaming

I become lucid through one of my dream signs. I was in my grandparents summer cottage from my childhood which I often dream about although the cottage no longer exists. I was practising dream yoga so I thought what should I do now?

I decided to try Tibetan sound yoga in a dream to see what happens. Sound yoga includes reciting one syllable sounds or mantras with specific meditative meaning. I started with the first syllable A. I started sounding it with my voice and immediately the resonation exploded the dream scene from the cottage and my dream body in to a vast expanse of space filled with golden light and a warm feeling of love.

There were no concrete objects or a separate me just abstract light and feeling of infinite space which I was one with. I resided in the dream for some time until I woke up.

I thought, “Wow this was effective,” since the first syllable A represents infinite space that is the ground of our mind experienced without limitations. I was experiencing directly the consciousness behind my dream and life.