Maria Isabel Pita – The Tower of Dream Characters in Lucid Dreaming


I have forgotten the beginning of this dream. The first thing I remember is Mami and I driving back to where it all took place. I pull up and park in front of one of several white garage doors with brown trims on the bottom. I hit one with the car, and it swings back a little. The car then begins drifting backward. Even though I floor the brake, it won’t stop. I think—Damn it, I should have more control. I simply decide to go along with it as the vehicle drifts backward onto a long white pier.


The day is bright and lovely, and I say to Mami, ‘Let‘s go for a drive in the ocean’ as I turn the car around, and let it dive off the pier. The ocean is a deep, beautiful, luminous blue, and the car, now a convertible, floats about two feet above the water. Mami cries, ‘What are you doing, Mari?’ and I reply, ‘Don’t worry, Mami, this is a dream.’


The car floats along at a nice pace, and I have an idea. ‘Where would you like to go? Maybe we can find Gerardo’ (a dear friend of hers). I doubt it, but it‘s worth a shot. I begin shouting his name really loud, waiting for a moment or two before shouting it again. The second or third time, from very far away, I hear a man’s voice reply. It comes from a part of the ocean which is pleasantly crowded with boats, most of them sail boats. I shout ‘Gerardo!’ again, and again get a reply. I drive the floating car in that direction, but when I come to the boat there is no one there, and I can’t find the source of the voice.


Then I notice these boats are forming one side of a deliberately sectioned off area of the water. The other side is the shore, crowded with white, pavilion-like booths. Some sort of festival seems to be going on. The day is glorious, and I really get a festival vibe, which makes me think of Becky. I start calling out, ‘Becky! Becky! Sean Dabbs! Sean Dabbs! Inger! Inger!’ and finally, ‘Igor! Igor!’


I am now hovering just above the water, directly between the boats and the shore, and people are looking at me, everyone seems to be looking at me. My clear, ringing voice has drawn all eyes toward me. Happily, I announce to everyone, ‘These are all my lucid dreaming friends!’


A Dream Character says loudly, with strong emotion, ‘Don’t say that! We don’t like that!’ and I get the feeling she speaks for everyone.


I reply, ‘But why don’t you like it? It’s time you came to terms with the fact that the two worlds are merging. Why do you have a problem with that? Haven’t you seen enough TV shows about the coming together and merging of worlds?’


I feel some hostility, even fear, and definitely a sense of confusion, because their reality is increasingly being intruded upon by lucid dreamers, who often treat them as though they aren’t even real people. I am now essentially floating in a structure like a massive tower, near the bottom of a space that rises farther up than I can see. The atmosphere is shadowy, and the tower is filled with souls, the curved walls lined with levels crowded with people, some of whom appear able to move freely between them.


I drift toward the exit, pulled along by an invisible current. As I do so, I open my arms beseechingly, and declare so all can hear, ‘I just want some training. I feel like a child in a giant’s palace.’ I hover near the entrance, and a woman suddenly close to me says, ‘But that’s the thing. Some of the rules just don’t seem to make sense. Sometimes the way you do things seems better than the way you’re supposed to do things, and I think, chee, I could have done it that way, just used a ladder or something instead of doing it the approved hard way.’


We’re actually having a dialogue about navigating what, for me, is the dream space, but which for them is where they live, or at least that’s the very strong impression I receive. Another female Dream Character wearing dark-blue drifts right up to my other side from within the tower, and remarks, ‘Hm, I don´t like the sag there, this might help…’ She begins stroking the bottom of my chin, and the sides of my jaw, firmly with both hands as though giving me a lucid face lift. This succeeds in distracting me by tempting me with the possibility, and I phase out of the dream.


Dream Notes:


As a lucid dreamer, I know from experience that we wander in other realms populated by souls not currently physically incarnated. Many lucid dreamers treat these souls like their own thought forms, denying their objective existence. Imagine if your neighborhood, even your home, was periodically invaded by people who treated you like you didn’t exist, and tried to use you for their own pleasures not believing that you‘re real. Wouldn’t that seriously piss you off?


In the ancient past, and in native cultures that still exist, it is understood conscious dreaming is an exploration of other dimensions populated by real beings and forces, by other souls. Lucid dreaming is generally divorced from any spiritual framework and knowledge. Too often, lucid dreamers show no respect for the reality of the dream space and its inhabitants, believing as they do that everything happens in the brain. Personally, I believe lucid dreaming is already bringing the two worlds/ realities/dimensions of physical and non-physical existence together as we function more and more consciously in each state.