Jack (Age 11) – Trader Joe’s in Lucid Dreaming

My mother and I drove past Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant. I asked if we could stop for fries and my mom said yes. We got fries to go and I ate them in the car on our way to Trader Joe’s. Then we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. When we were in the produce department, I asked if we could buy some grapes from Chile. My mom said we could.

I remembered that my mom only buys organic grapes so at this point I became lucid. So I asked to buy all of the potato chips, kettle corn, fruit roll-ups and ketchup (I love ketchup) and my mom said yes. Then I started to lose the dream so I tried spinning. The spinning worked and I was able to fill the cart. Then unfortunately I woke up before I could eat any of the snacks.