Ally – Flying with Hooves like Pegasus in Lucid Dreaming


I have a lot of lucid dreams. Last night however was somewhat different. In the past I have had flying dreams…trying to use my body like an earth worm to achieve flight. Last night I knew I was dreaming as soon as the flight part started….this time my worm type movements were replaced by watching my feet….which were hooves running…pounding very fast. I could hear the running of four feet not the usual two.


The next sensation was of my shoulders moving rhythmically. At that point my feet lifted off the ground and I realized I was Pegasus…I could hear my wings slowly rhythmically beating….I truly knew at that moment I was flying …but not just that…I was dreaming and could control my flight.


I let the dream move through several phases and scenarios….enjoying the flight each time it happened in the dream sequence. By the end I was tiring, and ready for the alarm. When it did go off I was wide awake and ready for the day…feeling wonderful…hoping tonight to take a slow wonderful flight.