Shawn Selders – Walking On A Lake in Lucid Dreaming

I have flown hundreds of times in lucid dreams. I’ve flown many different ways and it is usually pretty easy. I have even made cars and boats that I’m in fly. It never gets old, and I feel extremely lucky that dream flying has come so naturally for me. By contrast, other seemingly simple lucid dream goals have proven quite elusive for me. Although I wish the number was much higher, I have only managed to walk on water six or seven times. I have only breathed underwater three or four times. Part of the problem is when I become lucid, I rarely remember these two goals, whereas flying always seems to quickly pop into my head. Also, I need water around, whereas flying I can do anywhere, indoors or outside. Anyway, here is one of my favorite walking- on-water lucid dreams:

My father and I are walking in a fairly wide, swift Florida river with a bridge behind us. In front of us, two elderly men swim or walk upstream, each holding an infant (their grandchildren) to their chest, facing forward. When they get to shallower water they stand knee-deep. I wonder if largemouth bass live in this river, which I mention to my father. But bass need fresh water and I think this might be a saltwater river. I notice a crowded beach with big crashing waves in the distance. I figure this means the river must be saltwater with no bass in it. Dad agrees and says something about a nearby city (maybe Miami).

Suddenly, I start flying about 20 feet above the water, which is now more like a vast bay than a river. Up in the air I become lucid and decide at once to come down to try to walk on the water. There is a ripple on the surface and I really feel the breeze on my face as I fly very low and then glide all over the surface on my feet. I am not walking. I’m gliding fast with some control, but not total control.

The next thing I know I am on my favorite New Jersey lake. And now I really, truly, am walking on water with ease and complete control! The one island on the lake is to my left. As I walk by it, I think of my friend, Harry, who died three months ago. I turn to look at the island, wondering if I’ll see Harry. This was his favorite lake as well. But there are no people on the island that I can see.

I notice a small group of people (a man, two women, and a child or two) on the mainland, so I playfully walk and run over to them. I skid to a stop in front of them (like stopping on skis), causing a little splash in their direction. They seem a bit amazed, but I don’t think we talk at all about the miracle I’m casually performing. We chat about the lake as I stand on its surface. I tell them what an amazing lake it is and that I frequently fish here from my rowboat, but that today I’m just enjoying the water. They make some interesting comments, but I cannot remember what they were.

I want to go off and walk and play around on the water some more, but then a lady shows up on the dirt road that circles the lake. She is carrying an odd wooden chair for some reason. I say, “Nice chair!” which seems to make her quite happy. I also talk with a few other random people around the lake.