Lucid Dreaming Articles dream figures in lucid dreaming

The Mutual Dream Experiment

By Rory Mac Sweeney © 2013 “My new project, The Mutual Dream Experiment, seeks to encourage people to explore the nature of reality by allowing a means in which to investigate the process of shared dreaming. There is a consensus among people who really tune into their dream life that the possibility of exchanging information…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles app on lucid dreaming

Shadow: Community of Dreamers

By Ryan Hurd © 2013 For the last six months, I have been advising a tech start-up called SHADOW, which is currently building software for tracking and recording dreams. It‘s been fun influencing this project from the ground up, all the while thinking about how useful a free, open-source digital dream journal would also be…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles movie about lucid dreaming

Waking Up To Waking Life

By Al Moniz © 2014 Waking Life is a well-known movie that seems to be about, or at least prominently feature, dreaming. I have even heard it described as a movie about lucid dreaming. I myself would say that it is a movie that takes place entirely in a dream state (or rather –…

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Lucid Dreaming Interviews Robert Waggoner author of lucid dreaming books

Interview with Daniel Love

Photo by Ryan Brohm via Iowa State Daily   Author, magician and lucid dreamer, Daniel Love, looks deeply at lucid dreaming techniques in his new book, Are You Dreaming? Read more about his unique perspective in this interview with Robert Waggoner.   How did you become interested in lucid dreaming?     For me, lucid…

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