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Bright White Light Lucid Dreams

By BJ Manning © 2009 This article is reprinted from Lucid Dream Exchange Magazine #51, 2009 My lucid healing dreams added another dimension to my quest for a cure. I had been going to doctors in western traditional and complementary medicine, naturopathic doctors, Chinese medicine practitioners, herbalists, and energy healers, with the hope to receive…

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Lucid-Dream Chanting: HU vs. OM

By By Laurance © 2014 In response to a suggestion by Robert Waggoner in his Internet course, I‘ve chanted in several lucid dreams, obtaining very different results depending upon the specific mantra used. In two, I‘ve chanted ‘HU.’   According to the Eckankar spiritual tradition, which emphasizes spiritual dreaming and soul travel, HU is an…

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The Dwarf Guide

By Josh Langley © 2014 For a long time I‘ve had a burning question about guidance and a strong desire to make contact with a guide of some sort. Whenever I asked to meet a guide in a lucid dream or OBE I‘d either get no response or I‘d wake up quickly and feel really…

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Full Blood Moon

By Maria Isabel Pita © 2014 Lucid Dream of April 15, 2014   I’m lying on my left side in a dark room looking at my reflection in a large mirror standing directly before me. I’m so comfortably lucid, I seem to actually be wake. I can see my reflected face quite clearly. It looks…

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The Key to Understanding How We Dream May Have Come from the Mind of a Dreaming Scientist

By Bill Murphy © 2014 Before making an important decision, many people use the phrase ‘I‘ll sleep on it first.’ Imagine the implications of trying to understand how not just the brain, but how the entire human body communicates on an intercellular level. With so much at stake, this challenge wasn‘t fully tackled until the…

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