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Out-of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams: A Phenomenological Approach

An excerpt by Ed Kellogg from Consciousness Beyond the Body: Evidence and Reflections [Author‘s note: This excerpt includes the introductory and concluding sections only, about 15% of the chapter. To check out the chapter in its entirety, which includes reports of the author‘s OBEs, you can download the chapter at Excerpt from ‘Chapter 3:…

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Lucid Dreaming Interviews Robert Waggoner author of lucid dreaming books

Interview with Ted Esser

Photo by Ryan Brohm via Iowa State Daily   Lucid dreamer, professor and researcher, Ted Esser, has a deep interest in lucid dreaming and spiritual awakenings for personal transformation. He directs the Spiritual Emergence Network, teaches at both Sofia and JFK Universities, and studied lucid dreaming for his PhD dissertation. Welcome, Ted Esser!   Can you…

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Lucid Dreaming Articles Fairy Tales of the Night by Cain Pence

Fairy Tales of the Night by Cain Pence

Cain Pence is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based writer. Mr. Pence is a graduate of Georgetown University and has travelled extensively throughout all 50 states. Mr. Pence’s poems have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. He wrote this short poem to ponder the great unknowns of the dream world. He can be reached at

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Lucid Dreaming Articles grave in lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming with the Deceased

Marla Charbonneau Ecstatic Connection With a Dearly Missed Friend I‘m dreaming that I‘m at a house party. There are several people there and we are all visiting and having a good time. Suddenly I look up and see my friend Jon, who has been deceased for over two years, come down a short flight of…

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