Yhawa – Transforming Into an Elephant During an OBE in Lucid Dreaming


This was not a lucid dream, but rather an out of body experience. After leaving my body, I decided to move outside through the balcony door. Outside, approximately 6 feet away from the house, a curtain hung down from the sky, more like a network with holes, approximately 3-4 inches in size. I noticed other similar curtains further away. My surroundings were hazy; the sky, the air, and everything else was a rusty brown colour, although in various light and dark shades.


I really had wished to land in a nicer place, so I decided to go back into the house. Inside it was light. My husband was sitting up in bed surrounded by something that looked like a mosquito net, cheerfully talking on the phone with a friend. I heard him mumbling something about an elephant. The person he was talking to must have asked, ‘What elephant?’ My husband said something about an elephant next to his bed. I wondered, does he mean me?


At that moment I realized I was an elephant. I looked down towards my legs and I saw clearly the legs of an elephant. Also my body felt different. I felt a change in my face, and thought to myself, ‘That‘s how it feels to have a trunk.’ However, that thought scared me, and I decided to morph back into a human being. I quickly succeeded, though it took some strength and effort.