Xeno – Ripples from the Future Ripples from the Future A Link Between the Real World and the Lucid Dream World?


During my undergraduate years at a University of California school, I learned about lucid dreaming from a psychology class titled “Altered States of Consciousness” taught by Charlie Tart. I was subscribing at the time to “the Lucidity Letter” where readers share experiences and experimental results and I’d read several books on the topic. I tried various techniques to become lucid, with Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s MILD being the most effective.


One night I realized I was dreaming when I found myself lying on my side but floating two feet above the grass in a specific location on campus. I decided to try an experiment. I knew my best friend “K” kept a dream journal, so I decided in my lucid dream to find her and see if I could influence her writing.


I got this idea because Professor Tart had told us of experiments with astral projection under hypnosis where people would try to read something written on top of a file cabinet that would be visible only to someone floating near the ceiling. I very much wanted to test for a connection between the real world and my lucid dream world.  


In my dream, I next floated up to a standing position, then found someone who then morphed into my friend “K.”


I said excitedly, “K, I’m dreaming!”


She looked sceptical. I said, “If I can walk through that tree, will you believe I am dreaming?”  


She said, “Sure.”


I walked straight inside a large oak tree. Since my expectation was that trees are dark inside, it got dark. I then woke up.  


Unfortunately, when I called her in the morning, “K” did not recall her dreams that night and did not write in her dream journal. The dream was very powerful for me, nevertheless.


About six years after the tree dream, I got a job on the same campus. Guess what? Right through that very tree, in the direction I walked in my lucid dream, was my new office!


It gets better. After a few years of working there, I went on vacation.  


When I returned, a workman was finishing the job of cutting down my tree. He said it had to be cut down to save the other nearby large trees because it had a disease.


Here’s the kicker: Every day, for years since, I have walked “though” where that tree was as I bring my lunch back to my office. The missing tree, my office, and the dinning commons where I get my food each day are in a straight line. For years before they cut the tree down, I walked around it every day at lunch time.


Logic flaws such as “interpretation after the fact” of simple coincidences and mistaken memories are usually my explanation when I hear other people’s “prophetic” dreams. In this case, however, I wrote down my dream right when I woke up. The odds of a coincidence are too great. I had no idea, when I had the dream where I would end up working after I graduated from college. In fact, I worked at several jobs off campus before returning. I had no idea, either, that that particular tree would be singled out and cut down years later.


My prophetic tree dream is my personal best evidence that there is a deeper world than we currently know. As a very concrete scientific thinker, my best explanation is that I somehow experienced a ripple of information from the future. If we discover that our brains communicate with light as well as known electrochemical processes, then the fact that anything moving at the speed of light has stepped “out of time” may allow light to bring information from the future back into the present. I can think of no simpler plausible explanation for my experience.