Volande Vede – Lucid Dream Reflected in Waking Reality in Lucid Dreaming


In 2010 I dreamed that I was sitting at a wooden counter in some kind of a business with a glass storefront. There was a post to my left, running from the counter to the ceiling. A female and a male, unknown to me, were at the counter, talking about yoga. I looked down at the counter and saw a dollar bill there, but it had Lincoln’s face on it…an impossibility. Instantly I realized that this was a dream, and I became lucid.


I looked over to the glass storefront, and saw that it was raining. Cars were slowly going by on the street just outside. I had a thought that I’d really like it not to be raining, and the rain stopped. A car went by slowly, and I stared at the lights reflecting off of the wet pavement. I woke up and wrote notes in my dream journal describing this lucid dream.


In July 2011, in real life, I was sitting in a Kava bar, talking to someone I’d just met, and he mentioned lucid dreaming. That made me remember the dream described above, and I realized that I was now IN, I was now actually experiencing what happened in that lucid dream from last year. There was a female behind the counter; a male at the counter (the person who mentioned dreaming); the counter was wooden; there was a post to my left that ran to the ceiling; there was a glass storefront; and it was raining outside, with cars going by slowly.


Astonished, I recounted the lucid dream to the person I was talking to, and told him that in that dream it had stopped raining outside when I wanted it to. Just as I said that, it actually stopped raining outside. I watched a car go by, and saw the lights reflecting off of the wet pavement.


I feel very fortunate to have had someone else witness the rain stopping outside just at the moment I described that happening in the dream, because otherwise I would question my senses! This is very uncharted territory for me. It appears to be in the nature of a precognitive lucid dream? Any similar experiences or insight into how this happens would be very welcome, thanks.