Vivien Lockyer – Grass, Flight, Mud  in Lucid Dreaming


During this dream, set in a quite beautiful countryside, it didn’t take long before I fully realised I was in a dream state.


I decided to move over to a clump of grass and see what it felt like. Well, it was just like real grass and I had to pull it hard to remove the clump from the earth – this is while I was actually in a dream state!


Then I lifted up (have had many lucid dreams over the years) and enjoyed the freedom of weightlessness, of flight. However, because I have been unwell lately my flight was affected by my physical health and I did not soar as I have in the past. In fact it became a struggle to stay in the air and I was dropping down through the tree branches ending up in this thick sea of mud.


Yuk! Thankfully the mud very quickly became the soft bed sheets and I was back. I found the grass interesting though – it was real to me and yet this was a dream!