Virginia S. – Castle in the Lake  in Lucid Dreaming


In my dream, I was traveling with my boyfriend Anthony. At a rest stop, we went into a section of the rest stop that sold a lot of produce. I joined Anthony at the checkout counter, where the clerk was telling him that corn was ‘…’ (some word I’ve never heard) and would therefore cost more. My boyfriend began to berate me for telling him the wrong price, which I denied. I realized his anger was strange, and this was a dream.


The dream seemed unstable at first. I left the rest stop building, and then felt safe enough to declare, ‘I’m dreaming!’ I grabbed the nearest thing I could find, a small piece of wood in the shape of a block. I turned it in my hand as I gazed upon it, telling myself this was a dream, a construct of my mind. I looked up and yelled, ‘increase lucidity!’ which stabilized the dream.


A hawk flew high above me, holding a longnecked crane in its beak. I decide to fly. I thought of how people who don’t believe they can fly in their lucid dreams fall, and felt a second of selfdoubt. I immediately fell toward a forest, and it felt incredibly real! Swooping back up, I laughed at the joy of it.


I was over a large lake and hilly forests, it resembled Germany. A squat, gray castle sat on the lake like an island. I landed by the front entrance. I suddenly had two thick rectangles of cream paper that had words and a symbol on the bottom. I reproduce the symbols here.


As I watched, the text and the symbols on each piece of paper changed. Suddenly the strips of paper became a spiral bound book. It was full of text, including quotes, and I was fascinated by these writings. Most seemed to make sense. I asked the book, ‘How’s Grandma?’ (who passed). A few times, the book changed text and a sentence that answered my question would stand out, whereas the rest was disjointed. One line was ‘she passed, due to illness’ and others were along the lines of ‘she’s gone, she died.‘ Not what I had hoped for. I gave up, and decided to fly again.


Over the large lake, I gazed at hundreds of fluffy round trees in brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows surrounding the edge of the water. I truly appreciated the beauty of this dreamworld scenery. I tried to capture this with a drawing on my iPad (see image). Soaring, I shouted, ‘Help me have more lucid dreams!’ I then awoke naturally.